A YouTube about creating Morrigan Aensland wings

Last week I shared a pair of YouTubes in which two cosplayers, Ashlynne Dae cosplaying Morrigan Aensland and Reagan Kathryn cosplaying Lilith Aensland, shared their process of creating wings for their cosplay. This time on the Tale, a video from another cosplayer in which she shares her method of creating wings for the Aensland sisters.


In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

I’m including a screenshot from this tutorial, just in case it vanishes from YouTube because her art is just so very well done most of all.

Morrigan Aensland Wings by Ashley Ren

Morrigan Aensland Wings by Ashley Ren

I am just so amazed at this cosplayer’s talent in her art form, and the sharing of how to create this vital piece of Morrigan cosplay is wonderful of her to do. The video really doesn’t quite, I think, give enough credit to how much effort goes into the wings, the time taken for the creation most of all.

It’s well worth viewing just to understand how things come together and what it takes to make a set of wings that work really well overall.

A thank you to Ashley Ren for sharing her talents on YouTube and please do visit her YouTube channel for more amazing cosplay!



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