Aug 13 2018

Gather By TeraS

This story was supposed to appear last week, and it will, in the way that things work. I have been trying to put into words something, as little as it is, to say what Chi meant to me … in some way to …


By TeraS


For Chi


The Library of the Realm is far larger and limitless than many who visit can truly understand. It is more than the sum of the knowledge it contains, deeper than the questions it raises, or brighter than the beacon of enlightenment represented. Like all structures, it is built upon the past, but it transcends time, having within its walls shades of what was before, what is, and what will be. At the same time, the Realm Library contains portals and dimensions which but few have ever seen.

Taking the grand spiral staircase from the main hall and travelling downwards into the nooks and crannies which hold treasures held and secrets guarded, one arrives at a roughly-hewn opening, beside which is a simple plaque that offers two short, but meaningful, words:

The Grotto.

The entrance appears to be a warning, marking a danger through which none should consider entering. Many pause and consider the sign, noting the smaller script, more of a warning than the first by far:

Here be dragons.

A slim finger adorned with a bright red nail traced over the words. So-green eyes wetted with tears fought to see clearly as Tera whispered: “No … not any more.” Her hand brushed over the gilded metal as she stepped through the threshold to leave the library and enter the domain beyond.

Her footsteps echoed in the dark space, the barrier between worlds, before giving way to the light of the pathway to the Grotto beyond. But that was not her focus. She took no heed of the sound of falling water just coming to her now. The golden floor and walls, veins of red and black marking them like marble, stretched out before her, a clear direction to be travelled. They did not attract her; she had a different path to follow.

Running a hand along the passageway wall, a little divot caught her palm and she pressed upon it. There was a shift, an alteration, as the sound of falling water muted and a new passageway came into view. A crimson-lipped smile came, if so hard, as she viewed the space beyond and memories came calling. Was it so long ago? It didn’t seem like it.

His voice was gruff, in the way that all dragons were: “Stand still, little succubus.”

But she knew better, not from the tone, but rather the glimmer in those golden eyes. The tease in her reply was but one of many, both of them enjoying their repartee in the ages following: “Evil dragon.”

He was beautiful, as dragon or in his human form. Both had their attractions, and he well knew that she was attracted to him. She was a treasure both in his horde and not quite so. He held a place in her heart and soul, and she in his, even if he wouldn’t exactly put those words into the ether to be heard.

Dragons were, after all, such proud and noble things. They gathered precious things, whether that of material value or immaterial didn’t matter. The collecting was part of them, but this dragon, this so very … evil … dragon had something more. Seduction was the game, one they played with one another, to see what little word might make a Queen drop her guard, what a sensual touch might lead to. It was the hunt, the battling of both will and form that drew them both to this moment and the moments for always.

“You wound me, little succubus.”

“You, evil dragon, just want to indulge yourself in seeing me naked.”

His chuckle was dark and made a shiver roll up her spine.

She’d been told not to move, the threat not a real one—more of a promise of his intensions, the expectation that he might, possibly, have to punish her in some way. “I will spank you if you move, little succubus.”

Her reply was caught by the light swat on her flesh, the fingers then drawing over her hip before teasing against the sensitive place where her tail merged with her torso. Golden eyes looked deeply into so-green ones before his large hand cupped her chin. “Now, be good.”

Oh, how she wanted to reply, but he’d … well, not demanded, more … suggested … that there was a reward at the end of this display and, if Tera was honest with herself, she did want to see what that reward was. It wasn’t, of course, because she enjoyed flirting with him and vice versa—not much, anyway. Not that either of them would admit it.

She could hear things around her, even if she couldn’t see what her evil dragon was doing. He’d been waiting by the Realm Palace when the announcement came, telling of her becoming Queen. They’d encountered one another in the time before, when this ebon-maned red-tail was but a Princess, travelling the universes, coming to find herself in the presence of a golden dragon with words as seductive as her own, a teasing nature that she found attractive, but more:

her first and oldest friend.

He had been insistent, would not take no for an answer, not that he ever did. She’d expected to be drawn into his erotic games, the seductive nature burning against her own. She looked forward to the golden sheets of his bed, being bound by his nature, secure in the knowledge that he knew her needs as well has she did his own. Being posed on a pedestal, her clothing vanishing in a puff of dragon breath, was something unexpected.

His hands roaming her form made biting her lip a necessity, stifling a moan being a challenge. He knew exactly what would make her skin flush and her sex dampen. He was, after all, an evil dragon.

The question was a surprise: “How does it feel to be a Queen, little succubus?”

Tera’s wild mane shifted as she turned to look at him, but another swat on her bum reminded her to be still. It didn’t mean her tongue had to be: “I am not a Queen, evil Dragon. I’m me.”

She could imagine his hand stroking his beard: “Yes, but you are a Queen as well.”

Her lips curled in reply: “So I’m more valuable now, evil one?”

It wasn’t a surprise when his hand moved her wild mane back into place: “Are you suggesting that I take you away, little succubus? Add you to my treasures?”

The admission soured the air ever so slightly, but they’d never been anything but truthful in their natures: “You’d never hold me, oh evil one.”

“I could try. Bind you in chains, keep you within my reach.”

Tera didn’t reply to that, he knew what that would end in. They both did.

The following words were telling, more so than she’d ever expected: “But your evil dragon would never do that.”

He offered his hand, helping this treasure, both in and out of reach, down from the place she’d been posed. She saw the pleasure in his eyes, how proud he was in that moment as she turned to where he had been occupied with and saw for the first time.

“You are a Queen, little succubus, whether you see that or not. You should look like one.”

Words escaped her, her eyes held by the sight: ebon black and fiery red. Temptation made of fabric and drawn from dragon will. Made to caress her form, tease the eye, surround her power, and more. The power of his nature offered to his “little succubus”.

He watched as she touched for the first time, was captivated by his gift: “Go on. Let me see.” The pride in seeing the Queen of the Succubi wearing his creation was more valuable than the treasure he’d gathered over the eons. This garment being held by her, knowing that he’d created a legend, was a greater boon than he’d known before. Seeing his little succubus transformed into the seductress he saw her as was more than he could have expected. The thought made him chuckle and she looked into his eyes.

“Something catches your fancy, Chi?”

“I’ve caught you already, Tera.”

Her so-green eyes sparkled: “Evil dragon.”

His golden ones shined: “Don’t you forget it, little succubus.”

The dress of black trimmed with red swirled around her legs as she left through the portal she had arrived through, returning to the Realm, to appear as the Queen her evil dragon saw her to be for the first time. His gift, the dress of legend, forever with her, was his way of claiming this wild treasure and celebrating it for always.

In the here and now, she breathed in the scent of her evil dragon, her eyes falling upon the plaque from whence her thoughts had been. She heard his chuckle in the walls around her and felt the echo of his hand on her shoulder. Her hands passed over her bare thighs, the dress caressing her form as she reflected on the memory, realizing that her melancholy was ill-placed. She had been wrong. Her evil dragon was still with her and always would be.

The dress he’d gifted to her, and the memories that gathered for her because of it, would make that so.

The next day, the plaque had been replaced by a new one.

The Grotto

Forever be dragons.

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