This costume has really awful horns…

Dazzling Red Devil CostumeThere are some costumes that make me wonder. Not surprisingly, that wonder comes from trying to understand the choices made in the creation of the costume. Much of the time there’s no real reason why things turned out as they did of course. It’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to understand why someone would want to wear horns on a plate on their head.

This is called the Dazzling Red Devil Costume and it comes with the bodysuit, web net wings and the horn headband. The lousy pitchfork is not included and there is a rather sad looking tail attached to the costume. It can be found on the web for $105 US, but does appear from time to time on sale for as little as $42 US.

There’s really nothing that appealing here for me. The horns are lousy, the overall look seems thrown together and being so there’s just something missing from the costume itself.

There’s too much of a cartoonish feel to this, there’s nothing here that’s really all that sexy or seductive regardless. Last week’s costume had some promise at least, this one is missing that and more.

One pitchfork out of five and I’m being generous.



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