Sing By TeraS

There are moments when we lose touch, when we get wrapped up in episodes which take us away. But, in spite of this, regardless of the events, in the tapestry that becomes woven, there are echoes that are remembered. Within these comes the need to listen and …

By TeraS

The winds of summer blew across the sands of time, gathering the heat of the season, drawing it like a blanket over the Realm. The thoughts of wearing as little as possible—well, somewhat less than what most wore, regardless when they set their minds to passionate pursuits—came quite often now. Sweat made skin shimmer in the heat and sun, the breeze on occasion passing by those fortunate enough to have the moisture evaporated away before the heat, or the passions, made it return. Many a swimming pool dotted the Realm landscape, little oases in which the heat could be quenched by the cool crisp waters. They offered respite from the season at worst, and erotic delights at their best.

As much as these delights called, there was one particular red-tail who found herself not quite able to take these moments as others did. Oh, not that the idea didn’t bring a smile, nor that she refused as such; it was simply that she didn’t have the time to give towards that measure of temptation.

But the thing about temptation one should never forget is how undeniable she is. Her song never leaves the hearer’s thoughts; her music is unlike any other. The shiver and delight when this singer knows she has struck a chord, strummed a rhythm, captured a melody, is always held in the listener.

She awoke to the tender caress of lips, light hands exploring, seeking. Between the dreamworld and the Realm, her thoughts were a bit muddled and confused. Someone was humming softly, the words hidden beneath sing-song interludes that played as much as she felt those fingers exploring her curves. Her red silk sheets, cool to the skin and so needed in the heat of summer, slid over her skin, leaving her bare to Song’s temptation. Soft lips pressed against a calf, the muscle beneath giving a tremor as her tanned skin was suckled upon, lips moving slowly higher. Fingers with purpose delighted in trailing over thighs, gently nudging the focus of this desire to open herself to the Song that … no, who … awaited her.

The ebon-maned delight moaned in the midst of Song’s play, her lips pressed against the pillow as questing fingers trembled in need even as her legs parted, just as Song desired. A breath over damp folds brought a gasp of surprise and the red-tail turned over to see … nothing.

Gathering silk sheets to her chest, she looked about in confusion. She’d felt the touch of a song, the passion of the music still played about her core, but of the singer she saw nothing. She released the sheets, which pooled about her waist, leaving her cleavage bare to the ceiling fan above as it slowly turned, bringing some relief from the heat that burned within her. But the heat would not be quenched. No wind, no matter how cooling, could douse the fire now kindled. Shaking her head, Tera’s wild mane flew about even as she gathered her thoughts. Looking across her bedroom, she regarded the oasis of the bathroom and the shower within. The cool sheets beckoned for her to stay, to allow the song to play on. But the heat pressed upon her, the sheets slithered from her form as she moved through the fever to the next oasis on her journey. As the water began to fall over the royal form, from the sheets came the lilting giggle of delighted song.

The Queen of the Realm closed her eyes and allowed herself to be bathed in the cool waters falling upon her. Her wild, ebon mane soon was drenched in wetness, slick against her back. Red-tipped fingers soon found themselves draped around the shower head, bracing herself as her thoughts began to clear. The water helped to dampen the flames and she shifted her stance, allowing more of the cool waters to caress her mound and draw the heat away. But Song would not dim from her thoughts: the music played on within the succubi and her heat turned the waters to steam around her. The cool against her skin met with the heat of the steam, which soon clouded over the glass shower door, spilling out into the bathroom, enveloping all with an erotic vapor. She soon was ensconced in billowing clouds, not that she saw them, her eyes closed against the falling water that fought against her flaming heat.

Song returned to her, the music enveloping, delighting in the heat she’d created in her Mistress and lover. Fingers returned to Her Majesty’s skin and the white-haired flame gasped, the water trying to quench parted lips and questing tongue. Slick fingers curled over tanned hips, seeking, needing, Song trilling in delight. Wet lips nuzzled over titian-toned skin, heated and cooled, shivering and afire. Red horns sparkled in the waters as warm, wet skin met another heated presence. Shapely curves pressed against and into long, matted hair, sharp points of aching need buried into her mistress’ form, Song mewling in ecstasy for this moment. The music of passion enveloped the singer and her audience—or should we say instrument?—now as Song’s fingers sang their tune of devotion through her Mistress, pushing away the cool waters and replacing them with the heat of Song’s soul.

The music strained towards its crescendo, to explode throughout the melody’s peak and then, on the knife-edge of temptation, red fingers slipped free, ebon mane took flight as the tempting red-tail spun on her heels and so-green eyes opened to find … nothing.

The shower was thick with steam. The waters hadn’t quenched her fires and the damp wall found itself caressing the Queen’s back as she pressed against it in thought, but her thoughts did not focus for her, instead dancing with the music still playing within her. So-green eyes looked into space as the missing pieces of the tune danced with the ones that sung within her. Cooling down had not helped, the heat of Song made all part before that need. As that realization came, the listener smiled in bemusement and turned off the water.

Blue waters sparkled against the sun above, rippling as a hot wind blew across them. Red tiles of a particular colour marked the edge of the pool, bordering it from the surrounding patio. The heat of summer pressed onto the scene below: the kidney-shaped pool of blue and the single white chaise lounge nestled by its edge.

Song stood by the edge of the pool, her long, platinum white ponytail draped against the small of her back. She hummed softly, the music from her Mistress forever within her. The waters invited her to plunge within them, to slake her thirst, but she knew that they would not take away the need, want, or desire for her. Dark sunglasses perched on her brow as she looked towards the sun above and the rhythm continued within. Idly she traced a finger against her cleavage in thought, the white bikini she wore “borrowed” as she was far too hot, within and without, to bear wearing anything more. Teetering slightly on the white heels she wore—because Mistress loved to see her Song wearing them—she called out her refrain, willing her passion to appear. Arms wide, her voice brought the humming to words, the words to song and the Song herself brought the heat building within her to new heights. The rapture of her music camouflaged the sound of a patio door opening, the clicking of sharp red heels against the patio stones muffled and unheard.

Song’s gasp of surprise came as oil-slick skin pressed against her own. Her body burned in need as her ebon-maned Mistress entrapped her. Slick fingers drew over heated skin, leaving behind a sheen of wetness that bound them together. Red lips nuzzled against skin, heat passing between them. Mistress allowed her Song to turn, to see. Pink lips found red lips to suckle, nibble, moan against. Fires kindled in Song and temptation burned hotter than summer, making it seem like a cool breeze against the heat they shared.

Mistress’ smile was delightfully wanton and Song’s needs thrummed in expectation. She’d been ever so naughty, hadn’t she? Mistress would have to do something about that … wouldn’t she? Red-tipped fingers found the knots tying white bikini to wet skin, top and bottom soon being discarded onto the patio stones below. Her Song mewled needfully as Mistress drew her across the patio towards the chaise lounge. Heat within egged Song on, teasing at Mistress’ bikini, pulling at the strings, shivering as her desire was bared.

Song’s passions sang of her want, Mistress opening herself to them fully. Lips suckled over heated skin, gently licking and tasting her temptation’s sweetness. The music within them both fanned the fires into an inferno, a wave of heat far beyond anything the summer itself could create. Cries of passion made the waters of the pool turn to steam, billowing out over the patio like a sauna. Song arched in screaming ecstasy as her Mistress’ pleasure became her own. The Song of love and wonder sang for them and the summer watched in awe as their passions overcame all.

A sultry ballad, sung by two souls ever being as one.


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    • avatar
    • Legion on July 17, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Lovely, fun, and moving all in one My Queen. I have no doubt your Song will love it. Many thanks for sharing with us.

    • avatar
    • Aria on July 18, 2018 at 10:12 am


    What a way …. to release the summer heat.

    Your Song does indeed approve and is pleased.

    *huggles and nibbles*

    • avatar
    • Legion on July 19, 2018 at 1:34 am

    Told you she would love it. 🙂

    • avatar
    • Aria on July 19, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I do…. so very much.

    reading that put more than a smile on my face for sure 😉


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