I may have another set of horns to dislike

Devil Mistress CostumeOver the past little while there’s been the appearance of a pair of… well, they are silly looking shoulder horns with the most awful means of attaching them. That said, I’d thought that perhaps I’d come to the end of having to see them. But, as many will know with my never ending search for a non-trashy succubus costume… They have returned.

This is called the one-piece Devil Mistress Costume and it comes with… well, the shoulder horns and the dress. Shoes are not included and it sells for $90 US.

I still can’t see why they can’t make the straps red. I know they won’t match the dress, but honestly the straps look ugly, they do nothing for the overall look.

The dress isn’t a complete waste and really just adding a reasonable set of horns would make this barely palatable. But this just looks wrong and I think the model’s expression here says a lot by itself.

The dress could use a better hem as well, though that’s more my dislike of ragged lines on a dress.

Overall I get the feeling that they had some spare dresses laying about, threw the shoulder horns at it and called it a day. It’s disappointing in so many ways, but most of all the list price of this “work of art” just doesn’t match up with other possibilities in this price range.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The dress isn’t overly awful, but the shoulder horn straps are.



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