Jul 05 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 546

Succubi portraits I think are some of the most interesting images to be discovered. The artist has to put into a tight, closeup look everything that the succubus is and leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and in the case of this week’s image, I think that holds very true.

Succubus by XxSheeranxX

Succubus by XxSheeranxX

This work is titled “Succubus” and is by the artist XxSheeranxX on DeviantArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here.

More than anything else, it’s her piercing eyes that hold the image together. Lovely deep and reflective, there’s something about them that hints that she’s seen, and been, through much and has stories to tell if one would care to listen. Beyond that loveliness, her hair is strikingly vibrant, the accents of her jewelry and the hint of her collar frame her really well.

How her horns merge with the colour of her hair is really interesting, how things fade out towards the edges also gives her a kind of etherial edge which adds that little bit more to her look, which I really do enjoy.

There’s an air of power, or determination about her and that’s interesting because it’s only her expression and air we can see. The balance is left to the imagination, and as she is a succubus, I think that’s very poetic…



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