Succubi Image of the Week 542

There are some pieces of Succubi art in which the artist creates a character that bemuses me. For those who know me, my being bemused is a rather… interesting thing. There are some expressions that make me laugh, a pose that is much more than suggestive. Overall it is the creation of a moment which leads to thinking about the story behind the art itself.

Succubus by DaraGra-Boll

Succubus by DaraGra-Boll

This art is by an artist on DeviantArt called DaraGra-Boll and you can find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here and the original page where I found this artwork here.

She has the most delightfully fun expression and her pose in this art suggests a hint of her being summoned in the midst of playing a striptease in a way. It kind of feels that way because of how she’s in mid swing around that scythe she’s holding. Perhaps that is, in a way, her version of a stripper’s pole?

Regardless of that thought, her smile is wonderful, the delight in her eyes and smile is perfectly succubus in nature. She is being tempting, as she should be, but also there’s a hint of her power seeping in around the edges as well.

Amazing detail in the background and floor, her hair is just gorgeous, the scythe is really so very unique and overall the work is just wonderfully detailed and delightful.

A lovely, sexy and seductive Succubus in the midst of her dance…



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