It’s a hyperactive Horned Naughty Tale Music YouTube really

There’s actually quite a number of YouTubes that are music with some sort of succubus theme to them. From time to time I’ll be sharing the ones I find, as sort of an ongoing attempt at trying to find music that makes some sort of sense, at least to me.

That said, the music this week is a bit hyperactive, quite a lot anime, and overall it’s more of a mix that happens to have a succubus as the image the music plays to. It is different, I’m not sure that there’s a lot of succubus to it, but then again, succubi in anime tend to be hyperactive things much of the time really.

If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

The art used on this music YouTube has a kind of succubus feel to it, and as such, here’s that art, which never changes through the entire video, save for a wiggle or two along the way.

Horned Naughty Tale Music Video by Hands Up Anime

The music is called Horned Naughty Tale Music Video and is by Hands Up Anime. Overall, I think it’s just a bit too hyper for my own tastes, though I’m sure there are succubi in the Realm that would love this… which is a story to consider at some point.

Regardless, it is interesting, if a bit vague on the succubus part of things in some ways. Somehow I feel like something more moody, or teasing might work better.

We’ll see how this search goes, it has to be better than my costume search is… I hope.



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