May 19 2018

A WIP Vimeo of drawing Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell

In my wanderings about Deviantart, I came across an artwork of a character the artist called Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell. I think the character is wonderfully sexy and I had intended her to be a Succubi of the Week at some point. Then I discovered that the artist, known as Sturmir on Deviantart, had shared two videos of creating their character. So, sort of a bonus Succubi of the Week today with some of the artist’s creative process to watch as well.


If these two videos cannot be seen on the Tale, please try these links: https://vimeo.com/151397936 and https://vimeo.com/151504350

As I normally do on the Tale, here’s an image of the completed work that the artist shared on DeviantArt, and you can see the image here on Deviantart as well.

Sukkubi - Hottest girl in hell by Sturmir

Sukkubi – Hottest girl in hell
by Sturmir

I adore her overall look, the Vampirella outfit just fits her so well by far. The hearts in her eyes are a neat little touch as well. Her hair being put up as it is, adds a lot to her overall look, and just her expression is tempting by far. She has the most interesting horn and her tail, as tails are, is being the naughty thing they always seem to be, which, of course, I adore.

She’s one of the very few blue skin succubi that appear, and here that colour tone really makes her  leggings, nails and almost there outfit stand out that much more. She’s wonderfully sexy and cute, her “who me?” expression just fits her character so wonderfully.

A delight to discover and I’m so glad that I did.



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