Succubi Image of the Week 539

My favourite artist, as many know, is Darkshadow. I think of him as one of my dearest friends and, in many ways, one of my family. One of his original characters is a succubus called Evangeline. I adore her, and for this week’s succubi image something of a sample of Evangeline’s character, and a nod towards Darkshadow’s Pateron as well.

PATREON - Evangeline Hot Succubus by DarkShadow

PATREON – Evangeline Hot Succubus by DarkShadow


You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here and Darkshadow’s artist page can be found here on DeviantArt as well.

Evangeline is a wonderfully sexy character in so many ways. Overall I think I like this art of her the most as her smile, pose and outfit just work perfectly together. Sexy tail, lovely hair, horns that just are right for her character matched with full and unblemished wings, she’s just such a pleasure to behold.

Now if only I can finish that story about her…



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  1. That is one very hot succubus!

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