May 12 2018

An interesting Succubus Dancing Vimeo

I found a rather interesting video on Vimeo some time ago, but it got… shuffled… amongst quite a few other succubus themed videos I have found. Now, as the video has a succubus dancing, and it’s called Shufflebus… I really do need to share this if for no other reason that it just makes me smile.

If this video doesn’t play on the Tale, please try this link.

I really do like how this succubus looks, and so, here’s a glimpse of her at the beginning of the video.

Shufflebus by Dantirya Snowpaw

The music is interesting because, in a way, it does fit the theme of succubi, the succubus character  just has the most unique look I’ve seen in some time as well. The light accents are delightful, the tip of her tail glows is too cute as a whole.

The dancing is, much like the title of the video, a bit shuffling about, but mixed with the music the sance choreography I think works really well.

It does make me ponder a story, not sure where that goes, exactly, but nonetheless, this is just a neat combination that brings me a smile.



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