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Succubi Image of the Week 541

Devil girl .nsfw. by sakimichan

Succubi are, to me, more than sex alone. It’s those characters and art where there’s a presence, a power, a story to tell that interests me. This week on the Tale, an art of one of the succubi which tells the beginning of a story and it’s delightfully seductive.   You can find the original …

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It’s uninspiring really as Devil Costumes go…

Malicious Devil Costume

There’s a point at which a costume goes that little bit too far. The look is too busy, there’s too many things added to the basic look that just makes things a hot mess. Now, that’s not to say there’s a few things in this week’s costume that are interesting, but there’s too much going …

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It’s a hyperactive Horned Naughty Tale Music YouTube really

Horned Naughty Tale Music Video by Hands Up Anime

There’s actually quite a number of YouTubes that are music with some sort of succubus theme to them. From time to time I’ll be sharing the ones I find, as sort of an ongoing attempt at trying to find music that makes some sort of sense, at least to me. That said, the music this …

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Succubi Image of the Week 540

Bloodlust by lalamay

A comment was made the other day in which, apparently, I’m not picking many evil succubi for the image of the week. Evil alone to me is boring, which is why there aren’t many to be found. But if there’s some sexy, some seductiveness and it appeals to me, then anything is possible.   You …

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This is not the costume you think it is.

Red Devil Babe Costume Kit

While I do understand that the point of many of the images which are used to sell costumes are to make them as appealing as possible, there are times where they are a bit misleading. Sometimes one has to be careful to read the fine print because sometimes what you see isn’t exactly what you …

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A WIP Vimeo of drawing Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell

Sukkubi - Hottest girl in hell by Sturmir

In my wanderings about Deviantart, I came across an artwork of a character the artist called Sukkubi, the hottest girl in hell. I think the character is wonderfully sexy and I had intended her to be a Succubi of the Week at some point. Then I discovered that the artist, known as Sturmir on Deviantart, …

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Succubi Image of the Week 539

PATREON - Evangeline Hot Succubus by DarkShadow

My favourite artist, as many know, is Darkshadow. I think of him as one of my dearest friends and, in many ways, one of my family. One of his original characters is a succubus called Evangeline. I adore her, and for this week’s succubi image something of a sample of Evangeline’s character, and a nod towards …

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