Succubi Image of the Week 536

I like discovering art of Succubi Queens in that how each looks and holds themselves tells a story. An image then this week of a succubi who has a unique look and seems very comfortable in being so.

Succubus Queen by preter

Succubus Queen by preter

You can find the original page on Pixiv where I found this art here.

She’s an interesting character, she looks right, her corset and boots mix well with her wings and overall look. I think her torn leggings don’t quite work for me. Her overall look seems too proper, too well put together for there to be tears to be found.

That said, she has a lovely smile, a relaxed pose and I have a feeling she’s more of a warrior succubus overall. Perhaps not too much so over the top, but she seems to have a strength about her that lends itself to that in my thoughts.

Warrior Queen Succubus… There’s a story in that.



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