A Midnight Succubus Party Vimeo video

From time to time I find the occasional fetish video that happens to have a succubus or two appearing in it. When I found a video on Vimeo that was titled “Midnight Succubus Party” I’d hoped that the title might just mean that quite a number of people were playing as succubi at best and devil girls otherwise.

While there is a fleeting appearance of such in this video, it really isn’t a succubus video as such. That’s a bit of a shame really, but there are moments which were at least interesting, if not the main part of the video.

In the event that this video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link.

As I noted, there really aren’t that many appearances of succubi here, I counted six and they are really fleeting overall. Still, this is more of a commercial than anything else, so here’s a screen capture of one such moment in the video:

Fetish Factory Midnight Succubus Trailer

Fetish Factory Midnight Succubus Trailer

Overall I found myself a bit disappointed that I didn’t know about this before the event happened, because… well… that’s a story that some know about… Some have an idea of… and a very few experienced a long time ago…

As for the few succubi seen, I think they fit in really well with the theme and the overall look of the gathering. But for me there’s something missing however. Fetish Factory does some really amazing work and perhaps sometime the Queen of the Succubi will appear there…

We shall see…



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