Succubi Image of the Week 535

Modern succubi, at least those that tend to wear what really can only be explained as “everyday” clothes are somewhat rare. It’s not often that I find art in which the succubus is being casual, not being fully the seductress she is. For this week’s succubi on the Tale, a succubus relaxing and being comfortable as she does so.

Fluffy succubus by thezookeepersboy

Fluffy succubus by thezookeepersboy


You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

It’s just a neat succubus in a crop top and shorts overall, but her expression really makes things so much of a delight for me. Amazing hair textures, her tail and wings are dearly cute and overall really that describes her best. A cute, fun succubus most of all.



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  1. There’s a lot to this picture. With her small wings and casual clothing it makes me think of a young succubus, perhaps the classic trope of a teenage girl who has just learned of her true heritage and is making the transition. Currently she still wears crop tops, denim shorts and converse trainers, but in time she will mature to corsets and leather boots.

    I like the shading as well. It really lends an otherworld-ethereal quality to the horns.

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