Apr 07 2018

An interesting faux Succubus movie intro on Vimeo

Another of those interesting succubus videos on Vimeo this time on the Tale and really it’s a lovely evocative work both in music and imagery. However, as much as I would like this to be the intro to a movie or television series, it’s more of a contest entry. The work did win an award, deservedly so, but it leaves me wanting to know the book that is referenced in the video and I can’t seem to find it.

If the video doesn’t play here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always when I reference videos, here’s a screenshot from the work which gives an idea of its look and overall theme as well.

Succubus Trailer by Filmsupplychallenge

Succubus Trailer by Filmsupplychallenge

The music works really well with the scenes shown, which brings a real sadness overall to things. But at the same time, the cut scenes shown leave me wanting to know more, to understand the story and the main character, whomever she is.

The thing is, while there is a reference to a book called Succubus by Peter Behrendt, I can’t seem to be able to find that work. If anyone has an idea about this, I really would appreciate being directed to where a copy can be found.

I find myself wondering, in a way, if this work might be a variation on the Lost Girl theme of succubus story telling. If so, I’d hope that it might focus on the succubus herself dealing with her needs and what she does to survive. That’s a deeply important story to untangle and the scenes shown seem to suggest a really good story to be told.

Whether that will be, was, or never was, is where my questions are. Perhaps someone will have the answers.



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