March 2018 archive

Succubus Tales V – The Wild Card

The needs of the many are as important as the needs of the one. It comes to the one to see that truth, to understand the world beyond themselves. Then the question becomes one of need, want, and desire: the need to believe, the want to become, and the desire to see what cannot possibly …

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A cute Succubus Speedpainting YouTube

Cute Succubus Speedpaint by TVBubi

I do love cute drawings of Succubi, and speedpainting YouTubes I think are amazing in how they show the process by which an artist is creative. Recently I stumbled across a short YouTube in which a delightfully cute Succubus comes to life… And if you cannot see the YouTube here on the Tale, please try …

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Succubi Image of the Week 528

Shiklah by Candra

There are, from time to time, art of succubi in which the background and what’s going on around the succubus is as interesting as she is. For this week’s succubi, an image in which the succubus herself tells a story, but then so does the rest of the picture being painted. Her name is Shiklah and, …

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