Mischief isn’t just for angel costumes

Mischief Dark Angel CostumeOccasionally I find an angel costume which, given the addition of a pair of horns, can quite easily become… somewhat succubish. Finding one is always fun, but then comes the matter of the details, what isn’t included, and what it all will cost to look like the model in the image.

This is called the Mischief Dark Angel Costume and it comes with the faux leather bodysuit, lace holes and the halo. The boots and wings are not included, nor are the stockings the model is wearing. The costume sells for $89 US alone, but adding the wings, which are $24 US, the stockings, another $9 and the boots, which you cannot buy from the site that sells this costume, means that realistically to look like the model, one would have to spend about $200 US, more or less.

Imagining this costume with red thigh-high boots and horns does make me smile and I would actually think about that all things considered as an option for Halloween.

It’s sexy, I like the lace, the leather look works well. The wings are attractive for me, mainly in that the Queen of the Realm has black feather wings, so it fits with my mythos.

The site also offers fetish whip as an option… which does nothing but give me a naughty idea to mull over.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s an interesting costume with options, and I like that. Especially with a bit of red mixed into things…



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