A cute Succubus figurine Vimeo video

Another video from Vimeo today on the Tale which shows various views of a wonderfully cute Succubus figurine. The video was taken at the 2017 Seoul Design Festival, but beyond that there is really very little detail on this figurine.

If the video cannot be seen here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in the event the video is removed, here is a screenshot of the Succubus figurine herself:

Succubus figurine by YUI, JC and FG MANIA

Succubus figurine by YUI, JC and FG MANIA

The video does note that the figurine was a collaborative effort by You, who created the design, JC, who sculpted the figurine and FG Mani who painted the work. Beyond that I do not know more about this work and I would be delighted if anyone has more information about her so I might be able to add her to the SuccuWiki.

I think she’s wonderfully cute and there’s a little hint of her being a bit of a tease as well I think, regardless of her being “captured” or not. Beyond that, the work just nudges a story idea to me and that’s something I really should do something with sometime.

Cute, fun and wonderfully succubish. All good things and I’m delighted to have discovered her.



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