Sometimes there’s a costume that gives me an idea…

Guilty Pleasure Sexy Devil Costume

From time to time, and I will admit it’s quite rare, a costume appears that had some slight echoes to the SuccuDress in some ways. Now, they cannot hold a candle to the Dress… but they can give me the occasional idea to mull over.

This is called the Guilty Pleasure Sexy Devil Costume, it only comes in back, not red which is a little disappointing. The costume comes with the spandex jumpsuit, gloves and horns. The ankle boots are not included, which is a shame, and it sells for $79 US.

Overall, and I know it will be surprising, I rather like the overall look. The leg cutouts are appealing, the horns aren’t too awfully trashy either. The gloves work well with the overall look also, which is a rare thing much of the time with costumes.

It’s disappointing that the website selling this costume doesn’t have an option to purchase the shoes. They are, in a lot of ways, needed to make the entire look work well. That’s not to say that I don’t have options to try however.

Also, I note that this is one of those examples of costumes in which a model was chosen who could make the best of what was there, could pose in a way to accent the costume to be best degree possible and. most of all, manage to keep things from tipping over into the world of trashiness.

After so many disappointing costumes, it’s nice to actually find one that has some appeal for me. Now, it’s not the SuccuDress by any means, but there’s a little hint of that I think in a few places which makes me smile.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s no awful pitchfork, the horns look reasonable, and the costume is actually trying to be sexy. Overall these are all very good things.

The question is, for me, where do these thoughts take me?



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