Mar 07 2018

They are horns… sort of?

Aluminum Devil HornsAnother peek into the accessories that I have discovered when looking for costumes for Halloween. There have to be horns, of course when creating a succubus, or devil, costume after all. There are plain ones, sparkly ones, some with bits of fur attached to them. They come in red, obviously, and black… and then there’s this one.

These are called Aluminum Devil Horns and they sell for about $7 US on several sites about the web that I have found them on. I thought that I’d come across some cheap looking horns, or ones that just look silly.

This pair of horns I think might be the worst that I have ever seen. It’s not so much they look tacky, for they do. It’s more how unfinished they appear to be. Given that, or at least I’d hope, some effort went into a costume, why would someone want to wear something like this?

The horns, honestly, just amount to being more of an attention getter than anything one might be wearing considering how awful they look.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

Doesn’t do a thing for me, certainly will not be buying them and even if they were added as a free gift, they would find themselves stored in a dark corner of my closet, never to see the light of day.

There are better ones, there are, I’m sure, worse. These are a mistake most of all…



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