Succubi Image of the Week 526

For this week’s succubi… one who’s choice of clothing leaves so very little to the imagination and yet is so delightfully a tease. Perhaps in that comes, if one thinks about it, one of the powers of succubi?

OC: Melfina by Geirahod

OC: Melfina by Geirahod


This work is by the artist Geirahod on Deviant art of the original succubus character Melfina. You can find the original page where I found this artwork here on DeviantArt.

Lovely detail in this art, her eyes are quite a contrast from her seductive look and I think that works quite well overall. As well, the contrast of the gold gilt against her greyish skin lets a lot of detail comes through. Lovely hair, again, her eyes are quite striking, but I would have liked her wings not to be torn… I think that somehow looks a bit odd.

An interesting succubus, one of the rarer concepts in which there’s a hint of Arabian Nights in her character. It’s an interesting thought in that.



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  1. This is a really striking image. I always like it when the artist does a good job combining creepy and sexy

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