Sparkly can be sexy…

Sparkly She Devil CostumeSometimes all you need for a succubus costume is a pair of sexy red heels, a pair of horns, a tail and a dress that isn’t tacky. Occasionally I find something that takes an attempt at managing this, and sometimes it works. But then I find myself thinking that I have something far better than this in my collection of sexy dresses already and wonder why it is that they couldn’t find one sexier?

This is called the Sparkly She-Devil Costume and it comes with a really shiny dress and a pair of horns that aren’t too trashy and a tail that’s cute, if a little poorly made, at least for my taste. Shoes are not included and it sells for $45 US on the two sites I found it on.

The dress isn’t all that awful really, though how the tail is attached, and what that looks like, is really disappointing. It’s really just a minidress with a tail stapled on and a pair of horns shoved into the packaging. Te dress looks a little too plastic-ish, and really I’d be more inclined to try this overall idea with a red latex dress, thigh-highs and a really nice set of horns.

I think there’s something here in a “last choice on the shelf” idea, but really you’d get the same thing from picking out a sexy dress and putting a nice pair of horns with it.

Sometimes the sexy isn’t just in the look, after all, but the attitude.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s a start, a thought, an idea. But could be more given a little more effort overall.



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