Feb 01 2018

Succubi Image of the Week 524

For this week’s Succubi of the Week art, I am going to share a piece of artwork of Myserra, the main Succubus character from the Succubus’ Sub book series and the graphic novel which I’ve spoken about before… I adore Myserra and when I find art that reflects well upon her, I so love to share that art here on the Tale. Some of those do focus, a bit, one’s attention on her tail… both of them…

Myserra by LMSketch, coloured by Vintem

Myserra by LMSketch, coloured by Vintem

This work was drawn by the artist LMSketch and coloured by the artist Vintem and you can find the original page on Hentai Foundry with this artwork here.

Myserra is just drawn here so wonderfully well, her expression has that right hint of tease and dominance that I do like her to have. Lovely shine on her lips, her skin too and the texture and sheen in her hair works so very well by far. The pose is different but I really do like how it focuses attention on her tail… which of them I leave up to the viewer of course…

Sexy, dominant and alluring… everything dearest Myserra should be…





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