One of the most unique Succubus Speedpaintings ever…

Quite some time ago on the Tale I shared a piece of artwork which I found and it’s stayed with me since. You can find that Succubi Image of the Week here. I think it’s just a stunning piece of art both in the form, but also the presence of the succubus herself.

I came across a YouTube the artist made of creating this work which just adds to that aspect of this art being simply stunning…



If you cannot see this YouTube here on the Tale, please try this link.

I’ve shared this art before on the Tale, and you can find that art here on this artist’s DeviantArt page, but here is that art once more:

Succubus by Kawa-V

Succubus by Kawa-V


I dearly love the mix of colours this artist used. The white on her skin is quite a vivid contrast with her overall red, the little baubles and bangles add an interesting flavour to her character as well. Her hair colour is rather striking, blond against red is a very rare thing to see, usually is it black or some other dark colour.

Just wonderful and dearly so…

Please do visit this artist’s DeviantArt site here.




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