An interesting Incubi Speedpainting YouTube

There aren’t a lot of images of Incubi that appear on the Tale all things considered. Mostly that is because quite a lot of such images are a bit too stereotypical for my liking. I like art that’s different, that isn’t something expected. This time on the Tale, a piece of art that is different, the characters are interesting and I’m sure there is a story to tell about them…



In case the video does not appear on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist, Mojo chojo, posted the completed artwork on their DeviantArt site, which you can find here, and here is that art as well…


Succubus au by Mojo-chojo

Succubus au
by Mojo-chojo

To me, these two characters are incubi, not succubi, but the artist noted that both characters are “bottoms” in their relationships and as such the word “succubus” to them made sense. I can see that, but as a whole I feel that these are still incubi none the less.

All that said, the pair are really unique characters, there is a certain “look” to them that suggests a story needs to be told I think. We’ll see if that story finds its way to the Tale in time…



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