Jan 06 2018

A Warcraft Succubus speedpainting YouTube that I adore

The Warcraft Succubus is one of those Succubi characters that I have one single issue with. I really don’t like her hooves. I think she’s delightful otherwise, but those hooves really bother me, probably more than they should.

That said, there is some art of her that manages to keep what I don’t like out of things and leaves me with what I do like. That she’s powerful, seductive and most of all, she has a certain attitude that I adore. This time then on the Tale, a speedpainting YouTube of one of the very few pieces of art of the Warcraft Succubus that I do like…



If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

The artist, Dostwap, posted the completed art on their DeviantArt page, which you can find here, and here is that art which, I think, has so much wonderfulness to be found about her.


Succubus by Dotswap

Succubus by Dotswap


Really it is her smile, that little heat fluttering off her fingertips that is the most delightful thing here. Beyond that, the artist didn’t draw her as being “monstrous” but rather seductive and alluring which succubi are supposed to be after all. The detail is amazing beyond words, I love how her armour caresses her body, her mane of hair, her horns and all of the little touches that make her a complete character.

I still wish she had a tail however, that’s the one thing that is missing for me as a whole. I think, overall, this is one of my very favourite images of the Warcraft Succubus, possibly my most favourite of all for one reason. She’s a succubus, not a monster. That’s a telling difference.

You can find this artist’s DeviantArt page here, with more lovely art!



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