Jan 01 2018

A New Day Dawns by TeraS

It is the beginning of a new year and as I posted my annual review of the state of the Succubi yesterday, and today is when I try to share a story… A story then of thoughts of the Queen of the Realm as she ponders… as she is want to do from time to time when she is watching…


A New Day Dawns

By TeraS


The morning following the celebration of the New Year arrived is usually a rather quiet one, as a whole. Some are out and about, the day just another following a busy evening before. Others stare at a coffee maker as it burbles a little too loudly in an attempt to provide some needed means of, if not recovering, then at least getting one’s tail in gear.

For one raven maned red tail, she finds herself in possibly the best place of all. Warm sheets envelop her form, still quite asleep as it had been a rather late evening before. Her Eternal nestled beside her, neither noting the passage of time as the day moves onwards.

The night before spent in celebration of those close and those remembered and always to be. A smile shared, bemused of course, for what other sort of smile would there be for the Queen of the Realm? From time to time, in the moments between meeting souls, she paused to reflect on the year that had been. The moments of joy and pleasure, the times of trouble and strife. Little memories of events and time passing thoughts of just ordinary things, but, even so, they brought a wistful smile as they were recalled.

Those memories remind her that, no matter then time or place, they did matter, they needed to be noted and, when the time came, the stories told brought those moments and souls back to her. Perhaps, in that, the start of a new year was not so much the marking of what was or what would be, but rather it was the cherishing of memories and what one could make of them.

In the dawning of a new day, a new year there were… possibilities to be brought a new… in memories.

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