Succubi Image of the Week 518

It’s a few days before Christmas and for this week’s image I felt like I wanted something reflective, thoughtful, perhaps inspiring in a way. There’s some succubi art that I discover which is more than just what the succubus herself looks like. It is an expression of something more and this time of year, perhaps, it is a reminder as well…

Lilith's Redemption by Fireskin

Lilith’s Redemption by Fireskin

This art is called Lilith’s Redemption and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Fireskin. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

I find it a bit difficult to put into words the impact of this art, at least to me. I have my own beliefs and thoughts about Succubi and this art, in a way, speaks to me of something I’ve always pondered, both in my writing and other creative things I have done. That theological discussion isn’t the point of today’s post on the Tale of course, but I did want to express that, for me, the expression Lilith has here is a mixture of emotions that are quite telling.

This is a work of art that sets a mood and does so extremely well in the shadowing, the light, the form that Lilith is. She is the focus here, in the midst of all that surrounds her, but does not hold her. She is her own, by her choice, and with that comes the power she is.

Something to think about when looking at this art perhaps…

Please do visit this artist’s site!



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    • James on December 26, 2017 at 1:28 am

    Bathed in goodness . . . goodness I believ was in her all along.

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