Dec 13 2017

The horns are the least of this costume’s issues really…

Devious Red Devil CostumeWhat is it about tutus that causes costume designers to come to the conclusion that they have to be part of a devil costume? Is it a fetish I’m not aware of or something? Beyond that, why is it that when there is a tutu, the entire costume is a mess from start to finish?

This is called the Devious Red Devil Costume and it comes with the horns, tail, wings and the tutu. Nothing else is included and it sells for $33 US.

I think the devious thing about this costume is that someone would pay $33 for this hot mess. It’s cheap, tacky and not just a little bit. The wings are barely there, the tutu is awful, the tail is terrible and the horns are a complete waste.

I can’t see this “costume” being more than some accessories stuck together and a price tag slapped on them. Even as a last choice, it isn’t a choice, it is a mistake and a huge one at that.

Yet another zero out of five pitchforks.

It’s a shame that so many things I find are like this. I know that’s mostly because of what the market will bear for a costume. But it has to bear better than this.



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    And why on earth is her tail coming out of her right hip? And why are her breasts off center? Is this a Picasso rendering of a succubus?

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