Sickday by Legion

At some point, sometime, I will have to tell the story of the Queen’s Legion. It’s a story which, I think, he might be well surprised to know. But he is family and adored, and sharing the gift of his writing is a wonderful thing to behold on a…


By Legion


In the Realm the snows fell like they do in all places. This winter had been a bit rough but the latest snowfall had been a basic deluge of white. The Realm looked like a kind of winter wonderland that would be told in mystic tales of long ago.

From the Palace, which was also covered in snow, came a loud sound of someone sneezing. Everyone knew who it was and everyone winced slightly as they hated to hear the sounds. No one likes it when a friend or loved one is sick but when that someone is the Queen Tera it makes it doubly sad.

Tera wearily slipped down deeper into her covers and sighed. She never liked being sick but the snow had caught her off guard and by the time she had felt the cold coming on it was too late to do anything to stop it.

Everyone had, of course, stopped by. Keith had wanted to sit at her side all day but he had other duties and Tera knew he should attend them, she couldn’t stop herself from not wanting to be a burden, even to him. Her Heart had visited from across the fence bringing a hug even when she had warned Him to stay away for fear of not getting sick himself.

“How can I stay away from my Heart?” He said with a joking smile.

Song had come by with a concerned look on her face. She always worried about Tera. She knelt at the bed not asking for anything but just wanting to give Tera a warm presences to lift her flagging spirits, for a cold can take it out of anyone, even the Queen of the Succubi.  She even brought a smile to Tera’s face when, after a sneeze, Song instantly handed her a tissue.

Rachel had visited after that bringing a pile of potions and cures. Tera couldn’t help but smile through her illness as Rachel was no healer but she wanted to try nonetheless. Tera pulled her close and linked tails telling her she would be all right and not to worry so.

Later Tera had glanced out the window and saw Alei hovering there, the snowflakes steaming against her flaming halo. She didn’t come in as Tera knew she was insanely busy this time of year. But she smiled and drew a heart with a horns and a tail on the window for Tera to look at and know Alei’s thoughts were with her. The heart stayed there for next several days making Tera smile everytime she saw it.

A knock on the door had brought a delivery of Tera’s favorite drink straight from Sophia. The long necked bottle had a note attached and Tera shook her head in amusement as she read the card which said: Get better soon Tera. If you want to drink this straight up will cure you of anything.  I still want to get a few more lessons out of you.  Love always Sophia.

Later still Tera glanced over at the long mirror in her room and startled a bit when she saw her brother standing in the refection. His head tilted to the side a little with a deeply sympathetic look on his face. He smiled and held up a sign that read simply: What’s been is the best parts of us as family. Had to at least peek in. Here is to you getting well soon.  Find me if you need me sister.

Tera just smiled and nodded as he waved and faded from view.

A little while passed when Tera heard the faint caw of a bird. She looked over and saw a raven perched on the handle of the door to the balcony, closed now in the cold, looking at her intently. The bird shouldn’t have been out in the cold wind and snow but Tera knew who it was from. Rianna couldn’t not check on her and Branwyn probably insisted as well.

The raven fluttered its wings and spread them wide, seeming to fill the whole window and then soared off with a caw as it went.  Tera was pretty sure it meant, “get well soon.”

After awhile Tera felt herself drift off to sleep listening to the quiet that the snow makes so pleasantly loud. She smiled at the irony of finding comfort in the snow and cold that had made her sick in the first place.  She dreamed of the coming days and the challenges that would always be there. She dreamed of those gone as she always did because that was the place she could feel them. And she, being the Queen, thought of those of her family. She always worried and always loved them and being sick like this made her feel she was letting them down, though even she knew it was silly.

It was just her.

In the warm depth of her sleep a pleasant scent began to flow across her senses, stirring her back to a careful wakefulness. She slowly opened her eyes and stirred. The scent was still there, warm and inviting so she knew it wasn’t a dream so she glanced over at her nightstand and wasn’t surprised by what she found.

A steaming mug of chicken soup and a tight thermos with a label on it that said “Emergency Coco Supply”.

Tera reached over and opened the small card knowing who it was from.

Didn’t want to wake you. Now eat the soup, drink the coco, let Keith spoil you rotten when he comes home. And above all get better. Remember that as often as you think of your family is as often as WE are thinking of you. I have your back… and in case you didn’t notice today… I am obviously one of the many who do.


Tera heaved a sigh and shook her head. Remembering just last week she HAD been thinking of her family.  And now, with her being sick, she saw she was just as much in their thoughts. It didn’t make the cold go away… but it helped.

Tera sneezed again, chuckled, and reached for the soup.

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