And so… Ten years of the Tale…

This particular post will appear on November 24th, 2017… But it actually should have appeared on the 22nd which was the tenth anniversary, or Taleiversary of… well a lot of things actually now that I think about that a bit…

I think it’s interesting that the tenth birthday of the Tale came just before Thanksgiving and, as I have said many times, I have so many things to be thankful for…

I’m not going to talk of stats, or some notes about my site or similar things of what has been. I think I’d rather say what this part of me has. The friendships, the joy of having a family when I never really thought I’d have something as wonderful as I do. To know I have brothers and sisters means… a lot. To have my heart and his beloved as dear friends is a joy that words cannot express. To know the love of a song, the smile of an angel cannot be described. To touch through the ether of the internet a soul and call them Dearest matters. A Love known, in words and not seen is still a love cherished. The love of a son, of daughters, never expected to be, but are, bridges an ache within.

The thing about all of this, in all of the ways that matters, isn’t just that the Tale gives life to a world within my thoughts. It’s that opening that world, to share it with others, has brought something that I never expected so long ago when I began things with the words…. and so it begins…

For a dream begun is never ending.

Still, I have to admit that I completely forgot that this was the Tale’s anniversary, and the tenth one a that. However, my heart did not and so, I give this day to my heart and a story that I adore…



Ten Little Succubi Tales

One little, two little, naughty little succubi;
three little, four little, hot and ready succubi;
five for the fun, and their tails make ten succubi.
Here are ten succubi tales.

Peggy was a violet-haired, card-playing pink tail.
Lost hands of strip poker almost without fail,
Then would clean up from boggled, befuddled males.
That is her succubi tale.

Patty was Peggy’s tail, she preferred sewing,
cross-stitching, tailoring: quickly and knowing,
she’d have a frock that got lusts a-growing.
That is her succubi tale.

Lucy was lascivious, lusting and leering.
For every conquest, bought a new earring,
‘til they made her ears soar, left Lucy tearing.
That is her succubi tale.

Lucy’s tail-self, Lorna, liked making candy:
sugary shapes that made mortals randy.
Her chocolate chews beguiled Steve and Sandy.
That is her succubi tale.

Helen Joy was just that, cool, then exploding;
soothing, massaging, whispering, then goading
conquests to kneel in fear and foreboding.
That is her succubi tale.

Harriet was not upset, never a minute;
soft-spoken white-tail-self knew how to spin it
(your mind), watch her eyes, then you’re right in it.
That is her succubi tale.

Gertie, gregarious, made her dates giggle
with a smile and a wink, then a little wiggle
of her perky green tale, curled like a squiggle.
That is her succubi tale.

Gracie was Gertie’s tail, even more pushy;
sought a sugar daddy to make her life cushy,
She could seduce you with a slap on your tushy.
That is her succubi tale.
Erin was a special kind of succubi healer.
Think you are love-sick? She’ll be the sealer,
Take you from a quiet moaner to a loud squealer.
That is her succubi tale.

Ellie May will wash away your inhibitions
with her smexy song and dance exhibitions.
Even Tera sighs for her in proper conditions.
That is her succubi tale.

All of the Realm folk will give their cheers now.
So many stories, but have no fears now;
Tera clearly has enough for many more years now . . .
Many more succubi tales.


  1. Here’s to more Tales in the future! 🙂

  2. There’s an interesting tale (or tail?) about the soft-spoken Harriet who knows how to spin minds (with her eyes?) waiting to be told.

    • avatar
    • James on November 26, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Her Majesty’s heart is hoping that there are tales to be told in all of those stanzas. Said heart also hopes Her Majesty someday appreciates the full cosmic significance of what She has wrought in this Tale.

    *huggle to Your Majesty from her heart, a down payment on the lifetime to come*

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