Nov 18 2017

A Tribute YouTube for Morrigan… figurines

Just about every YouTube that is a tribute for Morrigan Aensland focuses on her artwork. Today on the Tale a tribute that does have some art but more interestingly, there’s quite a lot of images of figurines and statuettes of Morrigan that I found rather unique…


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

Rather than sharing one of the pieces df art, this time I’m going to share an image of a collection of Morrigan figurines. I have a few of them, some are dearly expensive, but it’s a unique image…

Morrigan Aensland Figurines

All of these figurines are on the SuccuWiki of course, they all being only available on the preowned market or as garage kit knock-offs from time to time. The largest figurine is the Max Factory one, which is an amazing work of art reality. I think only one other large scale figurine of Morrigan has come close to this one, that being the Nurse Morrigan one, but I like this one better…

Something different and interesting, I do wish however some of the video was sharper than it is…



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