Snow Covered Fields on Remembrance Day

This 11th day of November is one where we pause, at this moment, in this hope held. To pause, to remember, though to rememeber is not a single day, but something for always. The sacrifices made, the souls called to duty, to honour. In this hour, we can do no less than remember them.
Candle of Remembrance


Snow Covered Fields
by TeraS


The cold came early this year:
winds sweeping over the fields,
waves of red caressed
by the icy chill of winter;

grey skies overhead;
gauze covering the sun,
bringing storm clouds
over the fields of green.

Flecks of white appear:
little specks in the grey,
aspects of light from above,
drifting towards the red below.

Fields of green soon changed
beneath a blanket of white
to sleep till the morrow,
perchance to dream.

The red petals stand
stark against the snow,
like blood against gauze;
signs of past remembered.

Among the silence,
within winter’s hold,
the world pauses
for but a moment;

wind chills skin,
snow wets cheeks,
shadows stretch long.
Time waits

in spite of the cold,
against the wind.
Because of the need,
memories come.

Fewer this year
say they were there;
a cherished few
to teach the young.

In this moment of tears,
lest we forget,
honour them
and remember.

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    • James on November 11, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    In the cold,
    in the snow,
    in the winds,
    our hearts are warm
    for we remember
    and we are grateful.

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