A Mirrored Heart By TeraS

Today is my heart’s birthday, and there is no gift that can compare to the joy I have in calling him my heart. The love shared within our family and the thankfulness, every time we say hello, that I have for Goddess having her hand in what has become, in so many ways, more than I could ever have wished for.

My gift is my words, shared with my heart before all others. In that gift, in that delight and thankfulness I hold, there comes …


A Mirrored Heart
By TeraS


For my heart, with love, always …


There are many mirrors within the Realm, in which many things can be seen. For the succubi and incubi, it is the way to see their Tails, to know them. For others, a mirror is simply a mirror. A reflection of themselves, reversed, that tells of their physical appearance. However, there is a mirror, only one, that is neither of these, but tells far more than what is within and what is without.

Not a grandiose thing by far, to be clear. It’s not something in which to primp or preen, a chance to examine one’s outer appearance and correct the visual record such that only one’s best look appears, only one’s best foot comes forward. There is no need for it to be held within a frame, standing upon footings or, as some are, be placed in such a way as to be the centre of attention.

This particular mirror is not grand, not gilded, nor it is a treasure, save for the two who use this special pane of silvered glass every day to remind, reflect, and recall. A cherished heirloom it might not appear to be, but then, the most valuable things are sometimes the most ordinary of all.

There are always, within oneself, those thoughts that speak of one not being sure of oneself. Sometimes they speak of not being good enough or talented enough or, from time to time, not seeing the value of what one does. We feel the burden within, covering it up, setting the weight of those thoughts into a place where we believe they will not appear. However, even with the best of intentions, there are those that can see past our veils to what remains. We need, at those times, a mirror held up to us, a reflection of our true selves, of who we are—not to focus on the flaws or missteps, but rather to show that we are, always, far more than what we believe ourselves to be.

Even a Queen needs to be shown this truth. Even her heart needs to be shown, as well.

Who held the mirror up first is lost to the depths of time, at least within her mind. She feels like that mirror has always been there in the midst of her heart reminding, teasing, sharing. The mirror appears, he reminds her that holding up that mirror to her is to reflect all she does, all that she gives, all that she is. Even if she cannot see that within herself, or demurely replies her thanks, it does matter. It does remind—and, most of all, it states, always—that her heart knows her better than she knows herself.

Who held the mirror up first is lost to the depths of time, at least within his mind. He clearly sees his Dear One with the mirror, holding it up to him. She reminds him, with all of her love and joy, that he is her heart, that he matters more than he knows, that the words of Goddess, shared through him, have healed many, taught more, brought faith to countless that have heard the word. She knows that he doesn’t see himself like she does, that she reminds him of her faith reborn through him, the light reminded through his wisdom and counsel. If there is one thing that he admits—in amazement, really—it is how her complete trust in him is a wonder upon itself.

Who held the mirror up first, Goddess knows, doesn’t matter. It is an aspect of her love for her children, the absolute knowledge that the two souls that meet by a certain fence have done amazing things together. She knows that both have their flaws, their angst, all being wrapped up sometimes in their own doubts. The fence, brought into being from love and hope, provides the passage, to close the distance. The mirror, that is a gift given to be shared. Neither soul actually holds the mirror, possesses it, lays claim to it. It is, however, a reflection of both.

The mirror is to be held up to remind of what the other sees, what the other wants the former to remember. It is a reflection of the certainty that a Dear One has with her heart. It is a bond that heart has with his Dear One. Divine will created the mirror, but it is the love between two souls, reaching out over a fence, across space and time, which tells of more.

The cherished thing about this gift, this small mirror no larger than a hand’s width in size, is that it is shared. Not possessed, not squirrelled away. It isn’t brought out occasionally, or on the rare occasion. The need for the mirror, the wonder in what is reflected when held, is grounded in the simple truth Goddess knows.

There is need to be reminded, always, of how amazing each soul is. For the one called her heart, for the one called his Dear One, the gift of the mirror is Goddess looking over them both … and sharing her amazement in them. There is no greater gift than both knowing, truly, the other is there.

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    • James on November 13, 2017 at 2:14 am

    I’m pretty sure the mirror makes me look better than I am, because I am overwhelmed by my Dear One’s care for me.

    *Huggles, always, from your heart*

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