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Succubi Image of the Week 515

Morrigan by Haru-mon

It’s been a little while since there’s been some Morrigan Aensland art for the Succubi of the Week on the Tale. This week’s image is something really cute and yet it’s really sexy as well. The style of the art reminds me a bit of Winx or perhaps Totally Spies, in a way. Regardless of …

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Possibly one of the cheapest looking costumes ever…

Premium Devil Dress

There are trashy costumes, then there are cheap costumes and then there are those costumes which manage to be both at the same time. When that happens, it is something I can’t help but cringe over and then wonder… Why did they bother? Why did they call this “Premium” when it obviously isn’t? This is …

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A Review of Mate of the Incubus by Crystal Santacruz

Mate of the Incubus by Crystal Santacruz

It’s not often that I read a work and wonder, from the first word, what the author was trying to get across. I’ve commented many times where an author really needed to have another edit of their work. I’ve commented many times that I think there’s something missing in a story. Today’s review is going …

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Appear By TeraS

I’ve been mulling over some short stories to tell and that presents an issue. I find it difficult to write short pieces because I tend to look at the story and think: “There’s more.” Still, I have things to post in the past at the same time I am trying to post in the here …

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A Review of Reverend Cross 004R by John A. Short

Reverend Cross 004R by John A. Short

It’s been some time since I’ve reviewed a comic book on the Tale and today I will be reviewing a work that is part of an ongoing series, and it’s one in which succubi, or rather a single succubus, is but a small chapter in the overall work. The thing about comic books and graphic …

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A YouTube of Anri Okita cosplaying Morrigan Aensland

Anri Okita as Morrigan Aensland

From time to time there are the occasional, somewhat more adult oriented, videos that appear which have a succubus theme to them. Not too many of those have the actress playing Morrigan Aensland mind you. I stumbled across this YouTube some time ago of Anri Okita cosplaying as Morrigan Aensland and I have some… thoughts …

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A Review of The Demon in the Dark by Bo Naidal

The Demon in the Dark by Bo Naidal

A review, and it’s been a while I know, but there will be reviews popping up a lot over the next while as I catch up on months of reviewing that I haven’t been able to. All that said and we start with the first work in a series which, for me at least, didn’t …

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