A Party Thrown by Miriam by JHB

Tis the day before Halloween and for this year my heart has been kind, gracious and most of all, dearly loved for sharing a gift with me. A Halloween poem, a story of the Realm. A tale of a certain yellow tail Succubi, the brightest yellow tail of all. My thanks to my heart, Happy Halloween to all and, in all ways, be there delights and treats for all…


A Party Thrown by Miriam


‘Twas the day before All Hallow’s Eve, but the Queen
of the Succubi Realm was away and unseen.
The jacks were o’ lanterned, the corns candied, too
but the annual fete was an unlikely ‘do.

“There’s so much undone,” the Receptionist said,
“that is more pressing for the Royal efforts instead.”
But “No” was no answer for the Queen’s protégé.
Miriam planned for a fete not two days away!

The costumes and invites, caramel apples and ale
were readied so fast only a bright yellow-tail
could make it all work, and work it she sure did.
But, sometimes, bright yellow-tails loosen life’s lid.

There was a grand start for the competent girl—
everyone said they’d come Then a literal whirl
to her winds pulled the leaves off the maples and elms
and the oaks in the Succubi and Human realms.

Witch brooms flew un-witched! Goblins galloped, unbound!
Red imps grabbed all the pitchforks and chased folks around!
“It’s all gone so wrong! I just wanted a party!”
the strawberry  blonde sobbed. “I must find some smarty,
some assistance,” she reasoned, rememb’ring an old friend
the Queen would consult, an old ear she would bend.

She stepped through a portal and walked toward a fence.
A bespectacled man was preparing tea hence.
“When a wind in the house blew the door there askew,”
a nod toward the next porch, “I was sure I’d see you,”
the neighbor man said, then he gave her a treat.
“You’ll feel so much better with something to eat.”

The chocolate chip cookie was quite the nice snack,
and soon she had drunk her tea, tipped her cup back,
and she told this friend she needed him to unsheathe
the wise words he’d give Tera. He smiled and said, “Breathe.
You can do this friend. Relax and enjoy.”

Then, quite calm, Miriam went back home to employ
her powers to undo all the Halloween messes,
but her boyfriend, Irving, adorned her curled tresses
and both of her horns with many a soft kiss:
“It has all come together! Get dressed! You can’t miss!”

She dressed as Rapunzel, yarn wig in a braid
and the pairs, even trios, of Realm-dwellers swayed
to jazz, rock, and blues as their tails were entwining,
and everyone, costumed, was laughing and dining.

In a trice, Miriam joined in each dance, every game.
But, without Tera there, it was not quite the same.
Those two dashing knights . . . them she just couldn’t place;
while their visors were down, she could not see a face.

She just let it go All the guests had a blast.
She hugged each “goodnight.” She left Irv for last.
And the knights, they left late. And, at last, there was hair,
raven curls from her helmet! Tera was there!
As Miriam blushed, Her Majesty was smiling:

“Look at what you’ve done, dear! It was all so beguiling.
I’m so proud!” she said as she and Keith fled the scene.

“Now, go savor your beau! Have a grand Halloween!”


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    • James on October 31, 2017 at 3:39 am

    With apologies to Clement Moore, or maybe Henry Livingston, and treats and huggles from your heart.

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    • Justin Bedard on October 31, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Such a quirky day requires an equally keen set of friends and lovers. It’s good to see Miriam has them in spades.

    A great work on the author’s part! Happy Halloween to the Realm and all its people!

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