Succubus Tales IV – Many Pleasures Indeed

I think, as a whole, one of Tera’s favourite things is to teach others. Perhaps not always lessons and not always the meaning is an obvious one. But, as some would say, she can… teach.


Succubus Tales IV: Many Pleasures Indeed
By TeraS and her Adored Brother


Once I got to the top of the stairs in Pleasures, I found, to my surprise, a man waiting there in a black suit. Beyond him there was a red door which, obviously, led to Tera’s playground. It was also as obvious that he was there to guard the door.

I watched him, leaning against the velvet wall of the short hallway, looking at the screen of his phone—probably playing a game of some sort. He was there to do a job, as boring as it probably was. There was little chance that anything would happen in Tera’s domain, and I wondered why he would be there. Clearly, though, there was a purpose for him being there. My lips curled in a light smile as I wondered what sort of perks he might get from Tera.

The sound of my clicking heels as I approached startled him and, as he looked in my direction, the phone was slipped into a pocket, the light that had been illuminating him taken away. I smiled a wanton smile, a little thrill of lust and need tickling at me as the dim light of the club left him in shadow. But, to my eyes, his soul made him glow and I could see his long brown hair tied into a pony tail and delicious chocolate brown eyes. He looked so very tasty and my need growled inside, wanting a piece of him.

Pushing off the wall he blocked the hallway with his body, regarding me with a professional look that brooked no nonsense. A human wouldn’t try anything with him; but then I wasn’t human, after all.

“Sorry ma’am. No access allowed. Would you please return to the club floor?” He spoke to me in a calm, neutral voice that made me tilt my head to the right in reply as I came closer. It was clear that he was following orders: to be nice, at least until he was told not to be nice anymore. He gestured behind me to the stairs, his expression neutral, firm: “I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for on the dance floor.”

A thought crossed my mind as I continued to approach him: Tera said that we are always battling ourselves for control of our powers. Earlier Tera had been there to help me. No, if I was to be honest with myself, Tera was there to save Franklin from me. She wouldn’t be there all the time, and it was my own needs, that cravings inside, that I had to take control of. Tera told me to be the Mistress of my hunger; it was growling loudly now, my blood rushing in my ears. I had to learn, she had given me the means, it was up to me. “Oh … I’m so, so sorry … please … forgive me? I thought my friend had come up this way—she has a pass for the VIP room—and I was trying to catch up to her.”

My tone was innocent, a little bit lost, to lower his guard. I needed to come closer to him to have my powers influence and bend him to my will. I had been looking down shyly as I spoke to him, but as I came within arm’s reach I flicked by gaze up and looked into his eyes.

My hunger wanted him. I felt it trying to break free, to lash out and take him; another fight with myself, but not like before. While I looked innocent, my will turned hard, like steel, against my self. I would not kill. I would not harm. I would taste him and revel in my control. I wanted Tera to be proud of me more than anything. I unleashed my power of lust and desire and felt it fill the narrow hallway where we were both now trapped together.

“VIP lounge is on the other side of the club ma’am. Allow me …” His voice trailed off as he came a little too close and my powers enveloped him. His pupils dilated, his breathing slowed. I knew that his thoughts were turning to mush and that made me smile broadly. He was mine for as long as I wanted him. All of that professionalism found itself pushed behind a wall of lust, lust for me. And my hunger lusted for him.

If he had been thinking clearly, if he’d had any control, I would have found myself being escorted back to the dance floor. But he didn’t. I felt a tremble in his hand when he touched my shoulder, his body doing what he had intended to do before my powers snaked into his mind. I had him now, completely ensnared. My hunger pushed out for a moment, playing thoughts of his lips on mine, grinding against me, a flash of a fantasy of my riding him in bed.

The raw power of my need overcame me, surprised me, but, before it could take over, I threw it back. There wasn’t much left in him now save lust and desire. It was a delicious aroma to my senses, and I wanted more. “You’re mine.” My voice was a purr of delight. One hand took him by his necktie and led him away from the stairs and deeper into the hallway. I didn’t want anyone to see me feeding on him, but I could hardly wait to taste the morsel I had eating out of my hand. My eyes darted around until they settled on a chair close by.

“Come along pet.” I said with a smile as I pulled him by his necktie and brought him to the chair. A few short steps and I pushed him backwards towards the chair, his eyes held by mine.

“Sit.” A single word, laced with my power, and he dropped onto the chair, never looking away from my eyes. The chair had no arms, so it was easy for me to straddle his lap.

I smiled as I traced my index finger nail over his cheek while I rolled his tie in my hand. I felt his hands upon my hips and he slowly ran them along the sides of my body to feel every inch of my curves. My voice had become needy, more wanton than before and I purred from his touch. “You are such a good pet, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.” He husked in a hot, lusty tone. It was both strange and thrilling to be called “Mistress” by him; this was Tera’s domain. Perhaps she had placed something deep in his mind. A delicious shiver walked up my spine at the thought, but it didn’t stop me. I wanted that taste and I was going to get it. He continued to gaze into my eyes as he started to cup my rear with his large hands. I pulled his tie and brought him close, our lips so close that a feather couldn’t be passed between us. My smile turned seductive and predatory at the same time. My instincts were screaming at me to devour him, to take everything and leave his body empty behind. I fought the urge to just take from him and never stop. Tera’s memories whispered to me, reminding me of the danger and the bliss as I started to tease him by licking seductively at his lips.

I teased him with my voice as I rode his lap: “Such an important, if boring, life you have. Here, all alone, nothing to do. That’s such a shame. I think you deserve a reward for being so good.”

He moaned in pleasure, his need for me now making him so delightfully hard. I had him and knowing this I palmed his shaft with a hand. As his moans became whines I giggled softly. I could play with him all night if I wanted.

A whisper carried my words to him now: “A little kiss, pet; just one little tiny taste. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Anything, Mistress.” He replied as we both closed our eyes and our lips pressed together in unison.

As soon as we started kissing, our lives started to meld together and the spark of his life force started to press at me. My hunger cried out to take it all in a quick yet decisive feeding. He was only human; what difference would it make? Sating my need was all that mattered, wasn’t it? I could … just lie to Tera … She’d never know. Even if she did, what could she do about it?

Then, through all of the pushing, came another thought.

She’d be disappointed in me.

I held it back with all of my desire. I was the Mistress, not it. I was in control, not it. My thoughts calmed as it slunk away and I began to feed on him. Slowly, carefully, not too much at once, exactly how Tera coached me before, her memories of that long line of feeds warning me when it was getting too fast or wasn’t quite enough to calm the need inside. I walked the tightrope of wanting him, he was so wonderfully delicious. The little sliver of life that my hunger was wrapped around was a bright spark of pleasure as it released from him and passed through me, cascading into my appetite.

I broke the kiss willingly after a few long moments and let out a gasp as this man’s energy became part of me. It was … different. Somehow the sliver was hotter, more vibrant than if I had taken everything from him. My hungers … stilled. They weren’t screaming for more, and I didn’t understand why that was.

My thoughts paused as I looked at him. His eyes fluttered open, still unfocused, but the effects of my feeding were clear. He was a little less vibrant, there was tiredness in his eyes. I searched his face, trying to figure out how many years I had taken from him. I didn’t know, exactly, and my thoughts were a little muddled. I was thrilled that he wasn’t dead, but I was concerned that I had taken too much.

“Rest, pet.” He sank back into the chair, following my command and that gave me time to think and consider. I had taken from him, but how much? I could have taken more than I should have, or not enough. I needed an answer.

As he laid beneath me, I sighed: “How much did I take?”

A familiar sultry voice answered that question and made me tingle: “About … six months. I’m delightfully pleased.”

It’s hard to explain what it means for one of us to hear Tera’s praise, how her words reach inside of us. I turned and found her standing behind me, hips cocked to the right, a fingertip trailing lightly over her lips and those lips smiling. Hell, I would dare say she was excited to see that I had level of control I just demonstrated without knowing she was there. I was going to gloat a little, but then I realized what I had done: I had fed on someone that belonged to her. I weakened her guard. A fear of disappointing her made me look away.

“Tera? I … Oh …” I quickly extracted myself from him and turned to her. “He was here … you weren’t … so I …” I tried to explain myself, to somehow justify what I had done. Tera’s smile didn’t change as she shook her head slightly and then waved her hand dismissively.

Tera approached me while I climbed off of the man’s lap: “No need to be sorry, Sweetheart. I am … really quite pleased in how well you controlled yourself.”

“So, he was a test?”

She shrugged slightly: “Lucas wasn’t an intended test for you. His place is near where I am, and he does his duty to me … very well.”

I turned back to Lucas, now knowing his name, as Tera continued: “Lucas looks after my interests, watches for … undesirables … and otherwise is a very good man, one of the better humans that I have encountered. I’m rather found of him.”

My head jerked back to look at Tera, expecting her to be angry with me. I should have known better; Tera wasn’t like that. She might tease me, scold me a little, but anger was something that she had never shown any of us before. She wasn’t about to start with me, it seemed.

“Sweetheart, you worry too much.” Tera chuckled lightly. “A succubus doesn’t need approval from me every time she needs to feed. You don’t need my approval to choose your prey. It’s fine, promise.”

“But he’s working for you.”

“Yes he is.” Tera replied with another shrug.


“And he has a rather boring job much of the time. I don’t burden him with the minutia of my complicated world, though he has an idea that I’m … different.”

I admit I couldn’t help but smile at that. Tera was different and that was putting it mildly.

“Lucas is a good man. He’s loyal, one of my favourites in many ways. He’s never failed me when I have asked something of him.”

Tera walked up to him and placed her hand lightly upon his cheek: “He has … a special soul, a bright one. I find that very attractive. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve seen to it that he never needs, or wants, to be anywhere else but here.”

I looked at him as he looked back with tired eyes. Tera smiled as she raised his eyes to look into her own. He was in his own little world at the moment, and probably didn’t know what Tera and I were talking about. She held his gaze: “Everything’s fine, Lucas. You looked after my friend extremely well, and I will see to it that you are rewarded for your service.”

Somehow he managed to answer: “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

Tera reassured him with a smile: “Shshshsh. There is nothing to be sorry for, honey. I’m not disappointed in you. But you are so very tired and you need to rest now. Close your eyes and go to sleep. I’ll see you soon … promise.”

As Lucas fell into sleep, Tera continued to watch him, brushing his hair into place, caressing his cheek lightly. I watched her as she fussed over him, whispering things now and again as she did so.

As I stood behind Tera with a smile on my face I commented: “He seems like a real gentleman.”

“He is. I’ve been meaning to reward him for a while now, but all good things take time to fall into place. He’s loyal, trustworthy, and he has one of the brightest souls I have seen.”

“What are you planning?”

Tera turned to me and the seductive smile she had made me wet: “I’m planning on giving him the night of his human life sometime before making him immortal like us. I think he’ll be an amazing incubus.”

I looked at Tera with surprise: “That’s wonderful!” Then I realized something, which made me a little jealous, I have to admit: “He’ll have a great teacher … won’t he?”

She turned away from Lucas and I found myself the centre of Tera’s focus now: “Flattery will get you everywhere, my sweet.”

If there is one image of Tera that never leaves me, it’s the look she has when she’s decided that she wants you. Her so-green eyes captivating, the rolling of her hips as she slinked towards me, mesmerizing. “Good girls that learn their lessons should be … rewarded.”

I found myself backing up instinctively as she crossed the hallway. The wall pressed against my ass, then Tera placed her hands on either side of me, trapping me there. Her cherry scent, her presence, the promise in those words made me ache: “And since you’ve been a good, if slightly naughty, girl.”

I wanted to reply, really I did, but all I could do was let out a gasp just before Tera’s lips found mine. I quickly succumbed to her kiss, the heat of her love for me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, not wanting to let go of her. Her own found their way to my own as she pressed against me tightly.

Was it my moans or hers? Our ours combined? Lucas faded from my thoughts as Tera became my world. I didn’t need my powers to know that Tera wanted me. I whimpered as Tera parted my legs and her thigh rubbed against me wonderfully. My skin burned as our cleavage pressed delightfully against one another.

I could feel myself getting wet. No, I was weeping in need as I wanted Tera’s touch again. I thought that the pleasures she had given had ended, but, as a sparkle of lust curled in my core, I knew that it was just the appetizer. She had given, it was my turn to give. I needed to be the main course.

We stood entwined for what seemed like hours, tongues dancing, lips pressing, hands wandering and exploring each other. I gasped as Tera raked her nails along the inside of my thigh, she purred as my hands explored her luscious curves. It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes before the kiss broke and we let out a deep moan of wanting more.

“That’s enough foreplay.” Tera said in lusty gasp.

My only answer was a nod as our powers combined were creating a wave of need for each other that fed upon itself growing stronger by the moment.

Tera pushed herself away and made her way to the door. She paused beside a small panel and pressed it. Her voice wavered slightly with wanton need as she purred: “Lucas needs to go home. Look after him.”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Whomever she had called would be loyal to her and her command would be obeyed, period. I expected the door to have a lock or something for her to open, but instead Tera waved her hand over the door and it vanished into thin air, to my surprise. She licked her lips: “This way to paradise.”

“Oh you know I can’t resist paradise.” I said with a lustful moan as she watched me pass through the doorway. I can’t say what I was expecting, exactly.

Tera’s realm—actually her apartment, though I found myself thinking of it as the former rather than the latter—was, in many ways, a reflection of Tera herself. The door opened directly into her private dwelling, revealing a tastefully furnished home. The walls were a deep red that seemed to shimmer slightly in the darkness. The floors were black marble with throw rugs placed artfully on them. The furniture was a mix of modern and ancient that seemed to mesh together in a subtle way. Nearby, a large leather couch was positioned in front of a large warm fireplace. The black leather of the couch reflected the flames of the fire that burned and crackled before it. I heard Tera’s heels click on the marble as she followed me inside: “I know.”

When I heard her, I turned to find the door had vanished and an unbroken red wall was in its place. Taking the chance, I found myself taking control of our lustful game as I pressed Tera against the wall, smiling at her as she arched an eyebrow and nibbled her lips delightfully.

My kinky yet dominant side came out as I whispered: “You know … I wasn’t kidding when I said I planned on returning everything you gave me last night.”

Tera replied in a demure voice: “Oh, I think remember you saying something along those lines … You …” Her reply caught just as my lips found her throat. I pressed soft kisses along the nape of her neck while my fingers trailed over her body, just barely tracing over her exposed flesh. She … quivered … because of me! That was so achingly hot to know: that she thrilled at my touch, my passions. My sex was so hot, wet, and needy and there was only one thing I could think of as she pressed herself against me in return, holding me close.

She pressed through her moan and whined: “… Tease. Mmmmm … more. More, Sweetheart.”

I felt a playful nibble upon my earlobe as I seductively licked at her neck and then my clothing slithered off my body, pooling at my feet as Tera’s powers laid me bare. I kicked off my pumps before they could succumb to Tera’s power; I really liked those heels, after all. A moment later and Tera was as nude, nothing between us now, nothing to hide her from me … or me … from her.

“Oh I will, my Queen. I will give … everything.” I said not realizing I called Tera “queen”. Tera didn’t exactly love being called the Queen, but I was so lost in this moment of love and lust for her that I couldn’t help myself. I hoped she wouldn’t mind. But, in case she did, I needed to distract her. I cupped my hands beneath her tush, and Tera found herself lifted into the air, her back still pressed against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist and then I felt something caressing the small of my back. I smiled as I realized that it was Tera’s tail.

All succubi and incubi have tails. For the most part—save for Tera, who tends to like showing off her tail—we hide them to blend in with humans. Our natural form has, like the legends say, horns, wings, and a tail. With our ability to shape-shift, we can hide them and yet call upon them whenever we want. Or make them appear and do … interesting things with them.

The couch beckoned to me, and a moment later I placed Tera on its leather, laying her there like the goddess she was, and then I crawled on top of her, trapping her beneath me. She had a mischievous smile as I felt her tail now tracing little circles with its tip against my ass.

I gave her one long lick and suck against her neck, then teased: “Na-uh-ah. My turn! You and that devilish tail of yours will have to wait … for a bit.”

Tera gave out a mock-sad whimper even as her so-green eyes sparkled. She has a saying, one of many: “Be good to the tail and the tail will be good to you.” Her pout almost was good enough to melt me into a puddle: “Aw, but I want to.”

I licked my tongue over her cleavage: “I know you do. I also know that you have plans, too.”

She replied, in the most innocent voice you could imagine: “Do I? Hmm …”

Before she could say anything else my lips found their way to one of her nipples and I lightly sucked upon it, my tongue swirling over and around it slowly. Tera’s eyes fluttered closed and I listened to her sigh, delighted in what I was doing to her.

My hand caressed over her lovely cleavage, making sure to scrape my fingernails over her skin, making her break out in goosebumps. Her skin burned, the heat passing into me, sharing her desires and melding them with my own. She parted her legs, giving me a chance to press even more tightly against her. I felt her slickness against my thigh and bit the inside of my cheek.

I could have made my own tail appear. I could have stretched out my wings to show her how aroused I was. But why? She knew. I knew. Our heat, love, and desire continued to grow, the fires within us burning brighter than the fireplace was.

She moaned: “Sophia …” My reaction was to gently bite her nipple and thrill in the shockwaves of pleasure that cascaded through Tera’s body, making her hips buck into mine.

“Please, my Queen … Just … please?” I said after releasing her breast.

I felt her hands in my hair: “Because it’s you … yes.”

Hearing those words, that she’d allow me, the thrill deep in my core, knowing … it was amazing. Her smile told me that she knew what it meant to me. I wanted control, just for a little while. She knew the fantasy I wanted; she was the Queen, after all.

A little suckle, just a little one, slowly tracing my way over her body, delighting in her shivers and moans. She opened herself to me, her nails raking against the leather beneath us. Her scent was so very strong now, it delighted me, made me squirm a little. But I had purpose: there was a treat for me to enjoy, and I was going to. I trailed my fingers over our Queen’s form, every ebb and flow, curve and arc. I marveled as my touch caused goosebumps to wash over her skin. She shivered more, ached more as I moved closer and closer towards my goal. I paused a moment to trace a fingertip around her perfect navel, just for a moment. Just a little bit further now as my hands glided over her waist and then drove towards her temple. My fingers played lightly as I looked up into her so-green eyes, the need and want for me thrilling. A lick and she gasped. A tease of fingers and her own dug into the leather. A light breath, her wetness making it so quick for my fingers to dart deeply, and she arched, a wailing cry of surprise and joy for this moment with me.

I could feel … everything. The place that made her wail, the spot where she weeped in joy. Being succubi, we knew how to read the bodies of the ones we pleasured. Tera’s body was an orgasmic map and I took my sweet time learning every inch of the routes that gave her the most pleasure.

I don’t know how long she laid there under my sweet mercy, but I adored her even more if that was possible. In the afterglow, she laid there as I worshipped her, her scent all about us, my sex wet knowing that I had pleasured the Queen herself.

Our eyes met.

I was first: “I love you.”

Her smile was one of those bemused ones she loved as she watched me lick my fingers, delighting in her taste as I sucked on them wantonly. My own smile was wickedly seductive, and I loved all of it.

“I know. I love you, Sweetheart.”

Something I never doubted and never would.

She gasped as I returned to worshipping her, her hands now in my hair. Not pulling on me, just holding. I felt her tail playing with my folds and drove my tongue deeper, surprising her and making her tail rush away. I did say no tail, after all, and that meant giving her … everything.

I didn’t need to see her eyes to know she was close. I didn’t need to do anything but put all of me into this moment, this passion. I needed her to know the bliss she had given me. I heard her moans, her quailing. I knew, intimately, that she as so dearly on the edge. I held her on the edge, just there, not quite … almost, not quite. I was teasing her and the irony was delicious, almost as delicious as she was. Her moans became needy, her hands urgently playing over my skin. I didn’t need to know what she was thinking. All that mattered at that moment was giving her as much pleasure as she had given me the night before, more, if I could somehow manage that.

I sucked deeply on the inside of her thigh, her wetness delicious, addictive. Letting her skin slip from my lips, I purred: “You taste sweeter then the freshest strawberries. Sweeter then the most perfectly aged and expensive wine.”

She couldn’t form any words to answer. My fingers and tongue were in tune with her need, her wants. All that she managed was moans of pleasure as I returned to worshipping her and delved deeply with my tongue. I knew it wouldn’t be long now before Tera reached a roaring orgasm. As I found her little nub of nerves, the clenching of her thighs told me I was in the right place, and all of my focus turned to holding her on the edge, not quite over it, drawing the moment out as long as I could. Trading off with my fingers, my tongue, and my lips I held her on the knife-blade of that edge and dripped as she screamed for me in orgasm. It was everything I could have hoped for.

Then I pushed our Queen over the edge, giving until there was nothing left.

I felt amazing in that moment.

Tera laid, spent, as I licked gently, lovingly. It seemed an age before I kissed her temple one last time, looking into her eyes once more. She was flushed, smiling, glowing from the pleasure I had returned to her.

She managed to find her voice: “… it’s … been a long time …”

“Now you know how I felt last night.”

We didn’t say anything else for a little while, her eyes focused on me, I teasing her a little as I licked my fingers and lips …

… at least until she smiled evilly and my pussy clenched in anticipation.

“My turn, Sweetheart.”

“… oh fuck.”

“Since you asked…”

In the next moment I was rolled off the couch and onto the marble floor, the cold shocking me but not at all damping the heat within me. She had me at her mercy and I couldn’t be happier.

A night with the Queen fully aroused.

I was in so much trouble.

I couldn’t be happier.

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