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A Review of Succubus: A Supernatural Suspense Thriller by Stephen Medcroft

Succubus: A Supernatural Suspense Thriller by Stephen Medcroft

Not all stories that suggest they have a succubus appearing are necessarily about the succubus herself, or for that matter, if they really are one. Perhaps it’s more a question of perspective than anything else. Then the question becomes what does that really mean within the story and where does the idea of succubi actually …

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A Party Thrown by Miriam by JHB

Tis the day before Halloween and for this year my heart has been kind, gracious and most of all, dearly loved for sharing a gift with me. A Halloween poem, a story of the Realm. A tale of a certain yellow tail Succubi, the brightest yellow tail of all. My thanks to my heart, Happy …

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A Review of Release by Nicole Sensa

Release by Nicole Sensa

Character growth matters in storytelling. It’s not good when one is static, unable to move forward or can’t seem to be what they are at the beginning. There’s also a problem with a character that doesn’t quite figure out who they are and what they are trying to be. It’s more the shame when their …

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One of the most lovely Morrigan Aensland speeddrawing YouTubes

Morrigan Aensland by AshleyZombie

Just before Halloween and I think it’s time for a little Morrigan Aensland art to appear once more on the Tale. Today an artist revisiting, and redrawing, a work they have shared in the past. Which brings with it a captivating smile with all of Morrigan’s delightful character coming through… If you cannot see this …

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A Review of Beast Me: Forceful Phantom by Sable Collins

Beast Me: Forceful Phantom by Sable Collins

There are, of course, many different interpretations of the forms of succubi and incubi which lends their mythos to being inserted into all sorts of stories. This time on the Tale, a review of work in which what might be an incubus, though more a ghost, appears. That in itself isn’t the issue for me. …

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Succubi Image of the Week 510

AOE-Succubus by redpencilart

I’ve noticed that there is a lot of artwork created for Apps. More so for the ones that have a fantasy aspect, to make them more appealing as a whole. Because, honestly, the graphics in those games aren’t all that much better than 8-bit much of the time. This week’s succubi image is one that …

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If you want to look extra horny, then these are the horns for you

Huge Devil Horns

I happen to like smaller horns for costumes, mostly because I’ve found it a bit difficult to be walking around with some sort of monstrous horns on top of my head and keeping them balanced up there. Still, there are some looks that demand larger horns, but this particular set is, I think, a bit …

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