Another interesting Succubus makeup tutorial on YouTube

Another succubus makeup tutorial this time on the Tale. This one is as well done as the tutorial I found last week, but there’s the addition of horns this time. While I do like the overall look, and how the horns are melding into this overall look… I’m not quite sure they are in the right place, at least for me. Mind you, sometimes there’s little choice when one has to deal with makeup and the art of attaching horns to skin… and keeping them on.

If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, in case YouTube isn’t cooperating, here’s a screenshot of the completed look:

Succubus Makeup Tutorial

While some do like what I think of as “stick on” horns, I just find that placing them on one’s forehead looks odd. I know that’s my own personal taste, but I think upward horns, and a little smaller, just looks more sexy. That said, watching this tutorial has helped me to focus my thoughts on makeup colours more and I have some other options to consider…

Which is always a good thing…



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    • James on September 30, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    If the horns are bone, as these seem meant to be, the forehead makes some sense–though they would seem to get a bit in the way of what succubis are all about. If the horns are some part hair and some part a manifestation of one’s aura, as I suspect is true of Realm succubi, then peeking out from one’s coiffure would make very good sense. I’m not sure I like her paleness, though I suppose the technique could be used to produce other skin tones.

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