Succubi Image of the Week 506

Sometimes the succubus art that I find is interesting not just for the succubus herself, but the entire artwork together. This week’s image is a really good example of that through not just the succubus herself, but the world around her that contrasts so well. There’s something about a succubus with a little smirk when all else is going to hell around her.

Succubus by Drosselberre

Succubus by Drosselberre


This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Drosselberre, and you can find the original page where I found this art on DeviantArt here. You can also visit this artist’s page here as well.

I really like the contrast between the green of the background and the red of the succubus herself. The green tint to her hair is nice and mixing that with the little ball of magic she’s holding gives me an impression that she’s in control of this little part of her world.

I like that idea, because that brings up all kinds of stories to wonder about, not the least of which is the expression she has, the sideways look and smirk, that seem to say she’s done something and it gloating a little bit over that.

Perhaps a little Dungeons and Dragons in form mixed with a little Warcraft and that really works well to create a unique succubus character that’s dearly interesting to me…



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    • James on September 29, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    Some think me dev’lish.
    Some think I am just divine.
    Please me, and I’m both.

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