Sep 20 2017

A Medieval Succubus for Halloween… It’s a thought…

Devilish Temptress CostumeSomething a little bit different this time on the Tale. It’s a bit of a stretch to call this a succubus costume, mainly because there’s really only one thing that makes it so. Still, it is lovely, it does make me ponder as well. Still, as the Queen… My SuccuDress is far, far better…

This is called the Devilish Temptress Costume and it comes with the gown complete with the long lace sleeves, the high collar, a red bodice, a layered black skirt and a pair of, at least for this costume, matching horns. The necklace is not included, nor I would assume are the heels and it sells for anywhere between $110 and $160 US.

The dress appears to be really lovely, there’s some amazing detail in the patterns used as accents. Overall, there’s a medieval feel to this costume which I think does work as a whole. But the problem is that the only thing that really suggests anything “devilish” about this comes to the horns alone.

As such, this could be a vampiress costume with a set of fangs, or a medieval princess with a tiara. There’s quite a few possibilities as options, but being so, this isn’t really, at a glance, all that succubish really.

Three out of five pitchforks.

It looks nice, but relying on the horns alone seems to leave something lacking overall here…



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    Remarkably nice for something devilish, since we know devil’s have no dress sense.

    This is truly one of the nicest costume dresses Your Majesty has shared in some time, and suggests to me something ot the royal robes which Queen Tera does not enjoy wearing, and so saves for certain official occasions. One wonders if a way cannot be found for a tail to peak out in an appropriate way.

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