Sep 16 2017

Succubus, a YouTube music video by DAЯK MATTEЯ

I don’t tend to share many music videos here on the Tale which have a succubus theme or the song has succubus in the title. Much of that comes from the majority being metal rock, which realty doesn’t do a lot for me. That bias aside, there are some songs which, when you listen to the lyrics, tell a story. A song called Succubus then by a group called DAЯK MATTEЯ, which I thought the music video was interesting and the song itself was a little bit different than most…


As always, should the video not play here on the Tale, try this link.

Should you like this song, you can find a download available at CDBaby for 99 cents here.

I don’t have any connection to the group, nor do I make anything from sharing this link, I’m doing so such that those that visit the Tale and want this song can find it easily.

Also, here’s an image of the succubus herself, I’ll refrain from what readers of the Tale will know as my usual rant about succubus costumes however.

Succubus Dark Matter Music Video

Succubus Dark Matter Music Video

I thought the song was interesting, that the vocals weren’t overcome by the instruments as happens in most metal music as a whole. There’s also a story being told, which again I thought was different.

Do have a listen!



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    So . . . the angel has to walk the railroad alone, but the succubus gets to hang with the band. I actually think angels and succubi can have more fun with each other than with band geeks. *winking*

    But, obligatory succubus costume rant aside, the expressions on her face were wonderful.

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