Succubi Image of the Week 504

One of the powers of Succubi is that of illusion. To become that which the other desires, wishes, needs beyond all else. Not only, or just, the temptation, but the single pleasure that they would be willing to do anything for. For this week’s image, a rarity in Succubi art, a moment in time where a succubus offers three temptations, and one singular purpose of all.

Vale reflection by vempire

Vale reflection by vempire


This art is titled Vale Reflection and is by the artist Vempire on Hentai Foundry. You can find the original page on Hentai Foundry with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

It’s an amazingly detailed work of art in so many ways. The reflective poses are right, the forms are mirrors of each other and the details in each mirage of Vale is captivating. It’s also a neat little touch that not only does her form change, but the bed, pillow and wall coverings do as well. I think that’s a stellar bit of creativity by far.

She has the most delicious and seductive smile, how she holds herself whispers that she’s the one in control here and those that come close will be caught in her web of seduction. While much of her changes, the runes upon her skin don’t, and that again is an interesting touch as well.

This artist creates amazing art that holds so much story and life within the moment created. The story that this art offers I think would be that of the seductress of power and being the mistress of the power she’s leashed to her will.




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    • James on September 14, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    My smile:
    no matter how I appear, it is the same.
    My smile:
    it completes the wish of anyone I fancy.
    My smile
    seems to be a manifestation of your desire,
    and yet it is the proof that even your dreams
    are subject to my will,
    my smile.
    As you become totally mine, the last free memory you’ll have is
    my smile.

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    • Elliot on September 15, 2017 at 12:07 am

    Truly a well-composed depiction of an ability that is known as a forte of Succubi…

    And perhaps, if one assumes that the central visage of Vale is her true self… perhaps it is the case that the desires, wishes, and needs of the individual she’s looking at are to simply behold and appreciate her as she really is.

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