So close and yet the tail is so, so wrong…

Hell's Angel CostumeIt amazes me at times how costumes can be designed to be sexy, to have a look that’s deliciously seductive and yet there’s that one little thing, at least for me, that is completely disappointing.

More so, and perhaps more to the point, why is it that the perfect look shown always needs things that are not included?

Poor horns are expected. A poor tail as well make me roll my eyes…

This is called the Hell’s Angel Costume and it comes with the spandex romper, garters, that… tail, black feather wings.. which you can’t see here, and that awful pair of black horns. The stockings, gloves and shoes are not included and it sells for between $50 and $80 US. Adding the stockings, gloves and shoes would push the cost of this costume to $150 US.

Honestly I love the overall look of the costume, but the horns are really poor. But it’s the tail that bothers me more. That looks very much like a cat tail, not a succubus one. Where is the spade or heat shaped tip? It just looks wrong and with the horns the costume, sexy though it is, becomes confusing to me.

The horns have to go, as does the tail if I was to consider this. I’d use one of my red horns and one of my better, far better, red tails with this. I think that would be delicious…

I’d love to give this four pitchforks, but that tail and those horns?

Three out of five pitchforks.

It came so close, it’s a shame that it couldn’t get that little bit more…




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    • Elliot on September 6, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    I have to concur, Dearest. The tail looks more suited to a vinyl cat outfit than anything else, and even then it wouldn’t be accomplishing much.

    As for the horns… while I personally don’t have an issue with the size or shape of them, to me there is still a line to costume horns where, in the event of going beyond a certain size, some additional detailing is very beneficial. These, sadly, look to be of the same material and composition as the tail, which makes them rather unappealing overall.

    Aside from those issues, however, it’s a fairly reasonable outfit… and certainly a “fixer-upper” for those so inclined to tinker and modify.

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    • James on September 11, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    I’d have scored it down a bit more, Your Majesty, for having the garters but no stockings. How can one wear garters without stockings, after all?

    And the tail has angles where it should have curves. If it does belong to a cat, the cat was rather ill.

    On the other hand, what sort of syndrome might befall a succubus that would give her a cat’s tail and spongy horns? Hmmmmmmmmm . . .

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