September 5, 2017 archive

A Review of Dungeon Spawned: Dark Dungeon 01 by D. R. Rosier

Dungeon Spawned: Dark Dungeon 01 by D. R. Rosier

The creation of a story universe is a complicated thing. There’s much to consider beyond the world itself. There’s the question of the characters, how they relate to each other and the universe itself. When that universe, at its core is one of the characters themselves, that makes for something that’s really quite unique in …

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A Review of Reality’s F**ked! by Simone Scarlet

Reality's F**ked! by Simone Scarlet

Humour, as one fictional character once said, is a difficult concept. Not everything is funny to everyone, it’s a matter of taste. Sometimes the concept is a good one, but the telling of the joke itself, or the story, leaves something lacking. Still, there’s a certain bemusement in watching events unfold and how characters deal …

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