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Another interesting Succubus makeup tutorial on YouTube

Succubus Makeup Tutorial

Another succubus makeup tutorial this time on the Tale. This one is as well done as the tutorial I found last week, but there’s the addition of horns this time. While I do like the overall look, and how the horns are melding into this overall look… I’m not quite sure they are in the …

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A Review of The Black Book by M B Paff

The Black Book by M B Paff

Not all stories that have a succubus appear are that erotic. There might be some temptations, a little misdirection as well. But more so, there’s often simply them being evil and trying to make their plans create the chaos they wish to see. Title: The Black Book Author: M B Paff Published By: Amazon Digital Services …

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Succubi Image of the Week 506

Succubus by Drosselberre

Sometimes the succubus art that I find is interesting not just for the succubus herself, but the entire artwork together. This week’s image is a really good example of that through not just the succubus herself, but the world around her that contrasts so well. There’s something about a succubus with a little smirk when …

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It’s a little too vampy for a Succubus costume perhaps…

Sexy Red Devil Costume

Sometimes a costume is lacking a few things… Okay, I’ll admit that that’s more than sometimes and is almost 99% of the time really. Still, some ideas are interesting, others aren’t quite so much so. Perhaps the biggest problem isn’t the idea itself but rather the creation of the costume where things go a bit …

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A Review of The Corrector: The Diaries of the Incubus by Michael Murgia

The Corrector: The Diaries of the Incubus by Michael Murgia

Not all stories that claim to have an incubus actually have one. It’s a shame when the story wants to be present and it really isn’t as well. A review then on a story which has an incubus, but it doesn’t. It has a story to tell, but it doesn’t quite manage it. Title: The Corrector: …

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Fall by TeraS

Fall By TeraS Summer heat cools into fall, leafy green turns fiery red, yet so-green sparkles in playful eyes as ebony hair hints at the red. The Queen counts days as Halloween simmers, waiting for flambé.

A Review of The Devil’s Daughter by Michelle Kopra

The Devil's Daughter by Michelle Kopra

A review this time of a story in which the main character isn’t quite a succubus. That’s not really a problem, she has all of the hallmarks of being one. That said, one isn’t all evil and one isn’t all a saint either. That is true of both sides and when they meet, it’s more …

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