August 20, 2017 archive

A Review of Temptress by Xandra James

Temptress by Xandra James

Sometimes what a character needs drives their story. It’s not always about the passion or the sex. It’s about finding that one thing they’ve wanted, needed, but just couldn’t manage. There comes a point when one has to gamble on belief, and in doing so, sometimes, someone does listen. Telling a story needs more than …

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A Review of Coed’s Hot Futa Wish by Reed James

Coed's Hot Futa Wish by Reed James

I’ve reviewed just about every one of the works by Reed James that has a succubus character appearing in them. Sometimes they are the focus of the work, sometime not so much so. This time on the Tale a review of the first work in the Succubus Cafe-Futa series in which there is a succubus, …

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