A Review of HSA-293: The Door by Quixerotic

HSA-293: The Door by Quixerotic

HSA-293: The Door by Quixerotic

I’ve read most of the works by the author Quixerotic from the time they were posting on MCStories through they self publishing their works. Some of the stories I’ve reviewed on the Tale and quite a number of them I’ve thought were very good.

A review then of a recently released work by this author that has an incubus theme to it today on the Tale. As I’ve reviewed another work that had a succubus theme, I’d hoped that I’d like this one as much. But as much as I liked the characters and the plot, there’s a point at which things turned too dark for my liking. It’s a shame really because I understand why it turned dark, and there’s a good reason for it, but it made me lose my way within the work and that’s a problem for me.

The work tells the story of:

Tessa has been booked to stay the summer in a fraternity house while she participates in a theater camp. During the tour of her meager accommodations, she notices a strange door across the hall from her room. Matt, the frat guy left behind to supervise the house for the summer, tells her not to worry about it, but she would swear to hear whispers, whispers about the naughty desires she dreams about. Other girls arrive and the whispers get louder until finally they feel they must open the door. What they let out immediately changes their summer, and lives, forever.

Tessa’s home away from home seems odd. There’s something odd about a door, there’s something odd that she hears and feels. Something calls to her and it calls to everyone in the house. Stepping over a boundary releases something evil into their lives and none will be the same.

There’s a mixture of erotica, horror, possession and mind control in this work that overall works well in building up tension, creating heat and driving the story towards its conclusion. The characters are a little two-dimensional at times, but not to the point where they become characters with no meaning. That said, when the story takes a turn into the supernatural, things go a bit outside of the boundaries and it takes a real suspension of belief to continue on with the story.

The incubus of the work isn’t quite revealed as a whole, though it’s effects are clear and unmistakeable. It’s very much a stereotypical incubus, having one thing in mind and using whatever means it can to fulfill those needs. That leads to some erotica that didn’t quite have so much heat and tended towards something which might be called mindless at times.

The first two-thirds of the work I think worked really well to build up tension, to give life to the mystery overall. The characters have some time to develop, at least somewhat, before the story takes a sudden turn and things become very dark overall. The ending, a postscript of what was found later, didn’t quite sit well with me and that mainly came from the final line of the work. It felt a little too dark, a bit too over the top and seemed to have an air of hopelessness that took away much of what I enjoyed otherwise.

The work is written to the author’s standards, but there’s just not the same heat, or the same connection with the characters that I had with the other stories I have read. I felt like at times the story rushed past some points where there could have been some more time for plot, or telling more about why things were happening, but didn’t.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Overall I didn’t feel like this work was quite up to the same level as many of this author’s other works. While part of the mystery of the HSA series is what isn’t said, there’s a point in the work where things just took a turn that I didn’t enjoy very much. It’s a matter of taste, I know, but nonetheless, the erotica lost a lot of its appeal at that point and the ending didn’t help. The thing about this series is that the endings are always very open-ended, leaving what comes next up to the reader. In this case the dark ending just took too much away from the work overall.



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    • James on August 6, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Your Majesty, it is okay that dark stories are not enjoyable for you. As a reviewer, you are up-front about that, allowing people to evaluate stories through your reviews for their own tastes.

    Here, you present another problem: a connection with the characters, which is necessary for the heat

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