Jul 22 2017

A rather unique Succubus Speedpaint YouTube

There are, obviously, quite a number of YouTubes that show artists creating art of succubi. This time on the Tale, one that I think is rather unique and interesting in many ways…


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

Here is the completed work by this artist as well:

Succubus by Ilustra-on

Succubus by Ilustra-on

The artist also placed the completed artwork on DeviantArt, and you can find that art here.

I think her expression is what makes this art special and unique. There’s sort of a melancholy in her eyes and lips that is really emotional.

There’s also a kind of Faery aspect to her which makes things more interesting as well. I like art that tells a story and she has a story to tell…



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